Feminist Principles that Affirm the Right to Life

Planned Parenthood has a petition called “ONE MILLION VOICES FOR NO-COST BIRTH CONTROL “ which is seeking one million signatures to give birth control to all women at no cost. National Organization for Women (NOW) is heavily pushing for feminist pro-choice candidates in next weeks election. NOW has activated thousands of volunteers across the country to stand for feminist candidates with principles that deny the unborn child in the womb equality or even opportunity.

As we grow closer to this coming election it becomes ever more important that we stand for principles that respect and protect every human life. Pro-choice feminists are scared because they know that this election will be a huge turning point, and are using every possible emotional tug they can think of to activate their supporters who will vote, make phone calls, and be a public voice for their “feminist principals”. Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America wrote in a recent email, “Birth control matters. It matters to the young woman finishing college or starting a career. It matters to the family struggling to make ends meet. It matters to the woman suffering from endometriosis. It matters to mothers and fathers who treasure the children they have.”

Four reasons for why birth control “matters” are listed by Cecile, but can you tell me how “birth control matters”, to the woman who can no longer have children DUE to her use of birth control and abortifacients? The reality is that most forms of birth control have long term detrimental affects on women’s reproductive health care. And while many women may view themselves as “safe” because of their use of birth control, women are exposing themselves to a whole host of communicable diseases that at best can be controlled using antibiotics, and at worst cause infertility and even death. As Christians we are called to live a life that affirms a culture of Life, but today we have been sucked into a society that affirms a culture of death, where all that matters is what makes us feel good. It is time for a change in the tide, where all women are treated equally, but I have yet to see pre-born women in the womb treated with the exact equality that the pro-choice feminist demands. This equality is denied to the pre-born because society chooses themselves over others, and until we deny ourselves and serve others we will continue to see pro-choice candidates in office who will take this country to a point that is increasingly difficult to correct.

If you are a feminist or another person who is figuring out how to vote, please continue to stand for a culture of life that mimics the life of Christ. Don’t cause future generations to have to fight the battle of abortion and contraception, let’s work and vote to end the Culture of Death now! Be a public voice that affirms Life Principles.

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