A ProLife Christmas Carol

Sing hymns of Christmas at a local abortion clinic this holiday season. It’s not too late to host A Pro-Life Christmas Carol event in your home town. Each year while the world around us celebrates the many joys of the holiday season with Christmas music, parties, movies, decorations, and delicious treats, there are women who are faced with the option of choosing an abortion and end up sitting in an abortion clinic alone. A Pro Life Christmas Carol’s events take the holiday cheer and shares the coming of Christ with those who are sitting inside the abortion clinic.

With beautiful carols of the Child Jesus and Christmas season you can bring hope to women sitting inside of the abortion clinic. Collect the baby’s “firsts”, whether it be diapers, bottles, binkies, booties, etc and create a gift basket to present to women entering the abortion clinic. For women this basket is more than just the items inside, the basket is filled with the hope that someone cares and will support them through their pregnancy. In my experiences of presenting these baskets filled with items, women are surprised by the gesture and usually open themselves to discussion about their pregnancy and abortion decision.

Timmerie Counseling a Woman during Christmas Caroling Event

Women need love and support during their pregnancies, and even more so in the case of women experiencing a crisis pregnancy. Consider Caroling to save a life this holiday season.

Visit AProLifeChristmasCarol.com for a step by step guide on how to host your own event, and to find resources for bulletin inserts, invitations, and song books.

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