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Unplanned Chapter 10, ‘The Hurricane’

This chapter was pretty short, but the two points that stand are:

1. Abortions are extremely profitable, especially later in the pregnancy.

2. Abby is horrified by late term abortions after the point of viability, around 21 weeks.

As I read further into this chapter, Planned Parenthood affiliate of Louisiana and Texas (totalling 12 clinics) were facing serious financial hardships in 2008 and they did all they could to cut costs.  Abby’s Planned Parenthood clinic ended up being the only profitable clinic in the affiliate due to the fact they were the only clinic that performed abortions.  An abortion procedure is extremely profitable and most abortions, earlier in the pregnancy, cost around $300-500. 

Site of Planned Parenthood Super Clinic

As the financial difficulties continued in 2008 leading into 2009, plans for the largest abortion clinic in the nation began (read more about this clinic).  This Houston abortion clinic would be seven stories tall and 78,000 square-feet.  An entire floor would be dedicated to abortion!  Plans to obtain a late term abortion license were put into place so that babies as late as 24 weeks in the womb could be aborted at this super clinic . . .  Abby explains her shock and uneasiness at the idea of late term abortions within her Planned Parenthood affiliate, especially knowing the beneficial income of each later term abortion, which range between $3,000 and $4,000 dollars.  Abby questioned if the new idea of performing late term abortions was to help make up for their financial loss.  

At this point, Abby’s pro-life view after age of viability and her desire to reduce the numbers of abortions was considerably shaken, and I think this was only the beginning of an even more serious struggle within Abby…


If you’re reading Unplanned, and following along in  my blog, I encourage you to leave a comment sharing your thoughts or lessons learned thus far into the book.  What has stood out to you?

Standing In Defence of the Voiceless,

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