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Unplanned Chapter 9, ‘Irreconcilable Difference’

For abortion or against abortion?   Abortion is okay at six weeks, but not at 22 weeks?  Throughout this chapter Abby shares about an inner and outer battle with her pro-abortion stance.  Whether aware at the time or not Abby would pick and choose when abortion was not okay, and when excuses were made to justify her pro-abortion position.

During a counseling session with a woman who was past 21 weeks along Abby was horrified that the woman insisted on having an abortion.  While she counseled the woman, Abby called the child in the womb a baby and not a fetus!  To her, the difference was that a child was at a viable age by about 21 week into a woman’s pregnancy.  Even though the abortion minded woman had the abortion procedure for the “viable” child in her womb explained to her, the woman didn’t care how it was done.  She just wanted the baby gone.  Reluctant and highly disturbed, Abby gave a referral to the woman for a clinic that performed late term abortions.  (I found it interesting that Abby used the same tactics as sidewalk counselors by talking about the horrific procedure and the development of the child in the womb.)

Later that evening Abby shared with her husband: “I just couldn’t believe how casual she was about it!  I feel sick about it.  Just sick.  How can she say it’s the same whether the pregnancy is six weeks along or twenty-three?  That’s just ludicrous!” (Abby Johnson, Unplanned, 97)

After this comment Abby’s husband, Mark challenged her by asking if the child’s worthiness of life is any different because the pregnancy is further along?  With little response to Mark, Abby continued to question late term abortion and her inconsistency.  Abby later noted her friendship with notorious late term abortionist George Tiller and what a “kind” person he was, but she often wondered how he could justify performing late term abortions.  Abby’s battle within continued one day in church during a period of silence for a “confession of sin” where she struggled with the thought of whether or not to confess her involvement in abortion.

For me it’s incredible to see how people make judgment calls as whethere or not the action of abortion is okay or not depending on the babies age, size or development.  Abby is not the only person who feels this way.  I know some extremely pro-life people who believe that abortion is okay as long as it’s in the first trimester.  These are people whose beliefs we must challenge, because they are more likely to acknowledge the reality of the unborn child’s life, no matter how young or small.  They are also more apt to morn the loss of a child to a late term abortion than those who support all abortion.  Many people are unaware of the fact that abortion is legal through ALL 9 months of a woman’s pregnancy not just when people consider the child ‘a blob of tissue’ but moments up until the child is born.  We must educate and continue to challenge the pro-abortion position!

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