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Action Alert: Does your university’s health care pay for abortions?

Are your tax dollars paying for abortion through student financial aid such as the Pell Grant?

A recent study conducted by Students for Life of America reveals that 45.5% of university health care plans pay for students to have abortions.  Not only in crisis pregnancy cases, but a student may obtain an abortion for any reason and it will be covered through her university health care plan.  This does not only involve students.  Your tax dollars are paying for abortions as well through the federal Pell Grant, which many students use to help fund their education. Pell Grants help students pay for attendance fee; if the university has their health care plan paid for through attendance then money from the Pell Grant is funding elective abortion procedures which are then offered to student.  

So here is what you should do:

  1. Click here to find out if your university health care covers abortions.
  2. If your university does not cover abortions we recommend writing a letter to the school president thanking him and explaining why.
  3. If your school isn’t listed on here you should contact your school immediately to find out if abortions are covered under their health care plans.  Please contact Students for Life to share if your school funds abortions too.

If you find that your school funds abortion you should:

  1. Contact Students for Life immediately and they will help you to educate your campus.
  2. Write a letter to the president of your school explaining your opposition.
  3. Organize a student meeting to inform your campus of the abortion coverage and why you shouldn’t have to pay for abortions through your health care.

For more ideas of what to do go to NoAbortionInHealthcare.com

Stand with millions of other students to oppose abortion coverage in your health care plan!

Standing In Defence of the Voiceless,

Timmerie Millington

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    Apr 05, 2012


    Policies on sex education vary from state to state. The poeblrm with allowing parents to opt their kids out of the sex ed class is that those are often the students who need it most, and when they get pregnant, society often bears the cost of raising the children, through various kinds of aid, food stamps, etc. Teens who have babies aren't able to get the education and training they need to support their children. It's a societal poeblrm.A study years ago showed that when parents are the most adamant about their kids having sex (threatening to throw them out of the house, etc.), the kids are MORE likely to get pregnant. When kids have knowledge about sex AND information about the futures they can expect with and without children, they are more likely to take steps to avoid pregnancy.I agree that reducing unwanted pregnancies is the best way to reduce abortions.