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Clergy and First Responders Banned from 9/11Memorial

This Sunday will mark the 10th anniversary of a day our country will never forget. At Ground Zero a commemoration for the families of 9/11 will be held, yet, prayer is banned from this service in addition to the baning of any clergy or first responders . . .

I was 9 years old when I turned on the television to watch cartoons only to find that the channel had been left on a news station. I saw a building that had smoke poring from it and the report being made was filled with emotional shock. I remember I called my mom into the room, “Mom, come here, something is wrong!” To me it was scary and surprising to find out that a plane had just flown into some building. Within seconds my mom and I watched live as the second plane flew into the World Trade Center and people were screaming. At that moment everyone knew this was no accident, and that this was an attack of some sort. Millions of Americans were terrified, and many prayed for protection over their families as they continued to watch the news that morning.

My mom didn’t send me to school that day and I spent the day glued to the television watching the clips played over and over again of the plains that crashed into the Twin Towers World Trade Center. Then another plain hit the Pentagon! Who wasn’t scared after that? More planes could be intended to hit other major cities in our country! The fourth plane crashed into a field. You probably called your friends and family to make sure they were safe, and prayed for their protection throughout the day. 

Many Americans were on their knees praying for the safety of those first responders who were the heroes of 9/11. I know I was at the age of 9. Fire fighters and police officers saved many men and women, and hundreds of these brave people even lost their lives while fulfilling their call to duty.

Lives Lost on 9/11:
8 paramedics and medical technicians
60 police officers
184 in the Pentagon
266 on the four planes
343 fire fighters
2,753 in the Twin Towers 

The reason I share my perspective of 9/11 is to show an average person, or even child’s, reaction to 9/11. We prayed and we recognized the actions of our first responders.

Now, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is not allowing religious clergy or first responders to participate in this memorial; however, politicians are more than welcome. This memorial should console our hearts and be a comforting memory of the lives lost on 9/11. There should not be religious bans or a non-recognition of our heroic first responders.

Let’s give honor and recognition to the heroic first responders and our Nation’s prayerful response to the tragedy of 9/11. I encourage you to sign the petition to New York City Mayor Bloomberg to allow clergy to participate in the 9/11 memorial.

For the Dignity of the born and unborn,

Timmerie Millington

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