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Inspired to Speak, Are you?

Every Thanksgiving I spend a portion of my day going through my entire contacts list to tell those dear to me “Happy Thanksgiving”. As I went from A to Z sending text messages and emails I clicked on Kortney Blythe Gordon’s name and started to type . . . Then I remembered Kortney and baby Sophy are no longer with us . . .


For those of you who do not follow my blog: Kortney was a dear friend of mine who died in a tragic car accident that took the life of her 21 week old unborn baby and another pro-life hero named Jon Scharfenberger. Kortney dedicated her life to defending the unborn, and educating others across the country to do the same (read my blog about her work and what an inspiration she is).

As I very suddenly remembered that Kortney died in a car accident, my heart broke. I sat mourning the loss of such a wonderful person, and once again the question I’ve asked over and over again came to mind: “Why? Why Kortney? She did so much when many people do nothing.” Babies are dying daily by the thousands, and millions of people are apathetic. Even those who are “pro-life”. Many don’t stand firm to their “pro-life” convictions, some won’t say a word when their friend is considering having an abortion, and others are not willing to let go of even a little bit of free time to defend life.

Kortney was in her mid 20s, just married, and had her first little baby on the way. Her life was short, but my gosh did she live a life in service to God. She inspired many beyond words, and into action. She may not be here to save babies and encourage others to do the same, but we have the inspiring memory of Kortney, along with the ability to do what she did. So, here are the questions I ask myself, and I challenge you to do the same:

Will I pray for an end to abortion?
Will I give whatever time I can to defend the unborn?
Will I always be there for anyone who is considering an abortion and who needs to talk?

In honor of Kortney, let’s say yes! Start with an hour a week, or even an hour a day! Give whatever you can. As Kortney once told me this work is so much bigger than us; it’s “God’s work” and “it’s our duty to help others”.

“Stand up for what you believe in even if you are standing alone”
~ Sophie Scholl ~


For the Dignity of the Born and Unborn,

p.s. Kortney’s life can still inspire us, I encourage you to read this blog about just one of my many experiences with her.


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