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Modern Day Martyr for Life — China

Saints Peter and Paul are two of many martyrs who were killed for what they believe. They weren’t killed for hurting anyone but for sharing the gospel and for standing firm in their convictions. Over the years thousands of men, women, and children have been martyred for standing up against injustices everywhere. The stories of martyrs commonly feel like something that only happened hundreds of years ago and are far from something we would expect to see today, but this isn’t the case. While we are fortunate in America to have many freedoms, people in other countries are not. I’m literally in tears, once against as I write this, to think of those who are killed for their Christian beliefs or for their brave fight against the scourge of abortion.

We are all aware of the One Child Policy that is enforced in China; however, many people don’t know the story of a man and wife, who have for years now stood up in defense of the men, women, and children who have been affected by China’s One Child policy – which has resulted in millions of forced abortions. There are countless stories I could share with you of women who have been brutally forced to abort child after child when they become pregnant after their first child. Women in China are literally dragged out of their homes and violently held down for what we call in America a ‘simple procedure’ . . . Yet, what I have to tell you today isn’t about these women who are forced to abort, but about one courageous person who stood for human rights, even when Chinese officials attacked him and his family.

About a month ago rumors began to circulate of the possible death of notorious forced abortion and sterilization opponent, Chen Guangcheng. It has yet to be confirmed, but if it is true, Chen’s death would be at the hands of the Chinese officials who have kept him and his wife under house arrest for almost a year now. (Read the press release about Chen’s possible death.) Chen and his wife were brutally assaulted and kept isolated with no contact to the outside world, and they were denied much needed medical care. Why did the Chinese government silence Chen? Because, Chen revealed that over 130,000 forced abortions and sterilizations took place in Linyi County in 2005 alone. This is just ONE county in all of China.

Reggie Littlejohn, President of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers said the following after finding out about Chen’s possible death:

“If Chen is dead, then the Chinese Communist Party is fully responsible for killing him through torture, denial of medical treatment and slow starvation. If Chen is alive, we urgently demand that he and his family be released immediately and unconditionally, for medical evaluation and treatment.”

To date there has still been no news of Chen or his family; however, the Chineese people need our support. Chen is a martyr that stood up against forced abortion and sterilization, and as a result, he and his wife were brutally and repeatedly beaten, and abandoned with multiple broken bones and very serious injuries. Chen and his wife were left behind without food or medical assistance. He may be dead because of it. If the government brutally silences everyone who speaks out against the One Child Policy, families of China must be scared, and I’ve heard first hand of many families that are. You can help support the people of China by speaking out against the One Child Policy.

Chen is/was blind and always wore sunglasses. In an effort to stand in solidarity and give support to the people of China, a campaign has been launched asking supporters to take pictures wearing sunglasses and to hold up signs reading “free Chen” or some message that supports China in speaking out against the injustice of the One Child Policy. Learn more about what to do here.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Chen, his family, and all other heroes and martyrs who have stood up against forced abortion and sterilization in China. I hope that the defense of women and children continues, because we must stand up against the injustice of China’s One Child Policy. Chen is a true martyr for the unborn who has loved by his actions of helping others, despite severe, and at times, violent opposition. Are your religious freedoms or physical safety compromised by vocally supporting the unborn from a death sentence? If not, can you possibly justify quietly standing on the side lines while over one million children are slaughtered in the womb every year in the US? I challenge you to stand in solidarity with the people of China, Chen Guangcheng, and the millions of children at risk of death by abortion every day.

Some of the many stories about the beating of Chen and his family:



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