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Truth Prevails in Our Modern Day Culture

This is not an easy story to tell or read. But there is an important message of hope and the need for truth. . .

Last week I received a comment on one of my blogs from a young lady who had taken RU-486 and hours later changed her mind and wanted to stop the chemical abortion process. She told me “I didn’t think I would feel this bad. I’m not religious but I know this isn’t the right thing to do.” Within an hour we were able to make contact with Dr. Delgado in San Diego who is one of the few doctors who has successfully saved the lives of children through progesterone treatment after the chemical abortion pills have been taken.

Unfortunately before the young lady met with Dr. Delgado she ended up in the emergency room with severe cramping and bleeding, worse than she ever expected. I’ll save you from the morbid details (learn more about taking RU-486). The bottom line is that when this young lady went to the emergency room the doctor lied to her and told her it would cause worse damage if she did not take the remaining pills for the RU-486 abortion process.

Overwhelmed, in the worse pain of her life, and bleeding profusely she did as the doctor advised her out of fear for her life and the child’s. The next day she lost her precious child. Her boyfriend wept at the site of the tiny little life and the baby was buried in its grandmother’s jewelry box.

Six days later and the young woman is still in pain and bleeding. She questions how on earth RU-486 can just be handed off to someone. She didn’t even have to consult a doctor or anything! She thought she was going to die, the experience has been so horrible.

This young woman knows what she did and feels tremendous emotional pain because of it. She even says she knows now it is murder and is no longer “pro-choice”. She doesn’t see how abortion is healthy for the woman nor does she believe it is okay to take the life of an innocent child.

What happened here? She learned from a horribly hard truth.

You see, our culture is radically pro-abortion. Our culture convinces woman that abortion is simple and okay, that it is good for women, and that women need abortion as part of their health care. This young woman was duped by the culture and now she will live with the hurt and pain of losing her child for the rest of her life. She now lives with the horrible physical pain that was made out to be simple: only take home a little paper bag then take a few pills and it will all be finished.

It’s easy to be bogged down in sorrow and anger over the culture and stories like these; yet something beautiful has come of this. This young woman has seen truth and will not fall prey to abortion again. She is speaking the hard truth to those around her.

My message to you: Speak truth and and speak it consistently. People may not always listen and may be upset but at the end of the day they will know where the truth is and who will be there to love them every step of the way in discovering and understanding the truth.


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