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International Women’s Day – Values

Today is International Women's Day! I ask myself what that means exactly? On the news this morning it was spoken of as a day to recognize the empowerment of women as a fundamental human right. I completely agree! I see this day as a day to recognize the fundamental human right to life of women both born and unborn and how women today should have values along with their "empowerment".

Well, one woman who is quite popular today is Karen Santorum. Last night I watched a short interview of her by CBS news. I encourage you to look at this woman as a wonderful role model. She admits when she was younger she made mistakes, she has a fantastic education and career, she serves her family and husband first and foremost, she follows God's call for her family, and she is unquestionably pro-life.

Please watch this inspiring interview by CBS of Karen Santorum on International Women's Day:

Are we giving women in the womb a chance to live as well? Are women who live today standing for this fundamental right to life?

For the Dignity of the Born and Unborn,


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