Midwives to Perform Abortions? ACTION Alert: Stop CA Senate from Allowing Non-Doctors to Perform Abortions

We will not be good men who do nothing. 

My cousin recently had a baby and this was on the back of her midwives' jacket.

Tuesday the California Senate’s Economic Development Committee intends to vote on SB 1338 which, if passed, would allow midwives, nurses, and physician assistants to perform first trimester abortions. 

Midwives who help bring life into the world would be the same women who could keep a child from taking its first breath. 

The California legislature has been attempting to legalize non-doctor, midlevel practitioners’ ability to perform abortions for many years. If SB 1338 were legalized this would create a mass abortion expansion that would allow abortions to be performed in places that otherwise did not have an abortionist available for the procedure. Planned Parenthood, other abortion clinics, and many more hospitals would be able to further put women at risk by exposing them to the risky surgical procedure without the supervision of a doctor.

As Christians, we are morally responsible for opposing such deadly and life threatening legislation. Last week the vote for this bill was pulled back due to lack of votes. The San Diego author of the bill is scrambling to pull the necessary votes together since the faithful of California have been calling and emailing their CA legislators in an attempt to have a majority ‘no’ vote.

Because the faithful are stepping up and only taking a few minutes to call and email the vote has been delayed! The bill would have to pass the policy committee by Friday, April 27 or it will not move forward this year.

We cannot allow this bill to pass on Tuesday or any other day. It could be voted on anytime between now and Friday April 27. Please take immediate action to protect the women and children who will be put at grave risk if SB 1338 is passed.

Please call the Senators on the committee today, it only takes a few minutes, and send them the following message:

“Please vote no on SB 1338. Women deserve better than relegating their medical care to subordinate health care workers.”

4/25 Update: see here for petition and what's happening. Another vote tomorrow in different committee… 

Senator Curren Price

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For the Dignity of the Born and Unborn,


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