Teen Perspective on Duck Dynasty

This is a guest post by my sister Jacqueline Millington.  She is an avid watcher of Duck Dynasty and really admires the families moral conviction.  Maybe this is why it quickly became one of the most popular shows on television . .  .  

Duck_Dynasty_PhilPhil Robertson of the hit reality TV series Duck Dynasty has recently published an interview with Sports Spectrum. In this interview he talks about feeling that his family has been misrepresented by the shows editing crew.

Phil states that the team of editors working on the show have been adding in extra or unnecessary bleeps that imply that profanity was used by one of the members of his family or crew.

Why does this matter?

These extra bleeps have offended Phil because he says that on most of these instances there was no profanity used by himself or any other person in that scene.

A representative for the show commented  on the issue, their response being that there must have been something the editing team may have heard that sounded like one of the boys used profanity. Phil's response back to them was that he knew that in some of the instances there was not a word said that would require being bleeped out.

Duck-Dynasty-CastWhat is their point in adding in extra bleeps to make it sound as if they are using lots of profanity? I along with Phil Robertson just do not understand the logic behind this decision.

Why do they feel that the extra profanity is needed? What value do these few extra bleeps add to this show?

In the opinion of many it adds no extra value. However to the Robertson's this is a question of their character and reputation.


Another issue that Phil Robertson has had with the editing team of his family's reality television series is the editing of their family prayer before all of  their meals. In this prayer they say in Jesus's name Amen, however they have continuously edited out that specific line of the prayer.


The robertsons being so outspoken about their faith were very offended by this specific editing miscommunication. The shows response to this accusation was that they do not want to offend people of other religions. Phil found this an invalid excuse and would like then to leave the in Jesus's name amen in their family prayers.

Since when is the media really concerned about offending people?  

I feel bad for the Robertson family, this clearly must be a significant issue if Phil Robertson, founder of Duck Commander, feels the need to come out and let everyone know what is really going on in the editing process of their television series.

By editing out part of the family prayer, editors are silencing what the family believes in and what the Duck Dynasty family like to share with the world.

They claim that the editing out of these words is in order to not offend other religions when essentially what they are doing is offending all of those that are Christians.

Q. Do you watch Duck Dynasty?  What do you think about the current headlines surrounding the family?  


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    Oct 11, 2013


    I love Duck Dynasty and was unaware of this controversy. Shame on the media for trying to make the family something it isn't! !!! When did this world change that we are now more comfortable with Miley Cyrus raunch values than we are with the values of Ward and June Cleaver. I pray that the Lord gives Phil a strong voice, he's going to need it for sure. Now is the time forced his loyal followers to "pay it forward. " we need to wtite the producers and tell them we don't appreciate suuch unethical editing!!!.