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Vote YES – Pain Capable Albuquerque

Tuesday November 19th voters in Albuquerque will have the ability to protect unborn children and stop late term abortions in their area.  

You may not live in Albuquerque but you should know . . .

Unborn Babies Feel Pain:

“We now understand the fetus to be a developing, moving, interacting member of the human family who feels pain as we do. If we are to be a benevolent society, we are bound to protect the fetus. We should not tolerate the gruesome and painful procedures being performed on the smallest of our nation.” — Dr. Colleen A. Malloy, Neonatology professor at Northwestern University said when testifying before a U.S. House committee. 

Baby at 20 Weeks:

20 week preborn baby

Now, see the latest undercover investigation done exposing what happens with late term abortions in Albuquerque:

Know someone living in Albuquerque?  You can protect the pre-born from pain in the womb and help decrease abortion by encouraging others to vote YES.  Tweet, Facebook, and pass this on in any way. 

Tuesday November 19th vote YES for the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Ordinance in Albuquerque. 

Tweet, Facebook, and pass this on in any way. 



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