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Speak Your Faith

People have contacted me because they struggle with standing on their own two feet with their faith when it comes to living what is preached at Church.
Q. What do I do when everything around me stands for a lack of religion and respect for others? I feel silenced at school and all around me?
speakThis is a really tough question. My first response is that you need to learn to be okay with people disagreeing with you. With the utmost respect you can still talk with people who disagree with you. Be okay with disagreement or even failure. Never be afraid to speak the truth. . .
I want to share a story with you from a couple years ago when I was going to a secular community college and taking a speech class. 

controcersial topicsThroughout the semester my teacher encouraged students to pick hot and controversial topics such as gay marriage and euthanasia for the upcoming persuasive speech. The teacher really wanted heart changing issues discussed.
However, there was one topic she said we weren’t allowed to cover — abortion. Why? Because she said “No way someone is going to get up here and call me a baby killer.”
My feelings were hurt. I'm not just pro-life but I am pro-life for many reasons from faith to science. Here are some of the reasons I was so upset: 
1. She was being biased, and discriminating against people who oppose abortion. (Did I mention she constantly encourages our class to go to Planned Parenthood for their ‘reproductive services’?)
2. I would never call her a “baby killers” or “murders” because this does NOT open a gateway for dialogue that could change a heart. I’m pro-life and don’t even want to hear or talk to people who hoot and holler about “baby killers”.
3. She scared — actually terrified — people out of speaking against abortion, when it is already hard enough to talk about it. 
downloadFinally, my teacher said people could argue the pro-abortion position. What?!? Okay this just enraged me.
I had no intention of doing a speech on abortion or anything even related to the topic, but her indoctrination and discrimination pushed me to take on the challenge. I did so not to come back with something agressive and to prove a point, but I wanted to show that a conversation could be had without having to yell "baby killer" as she thinks pro-life people say.

I decided to dance around the topic of abortion and give a speech on something that would still have an impact on my class of 40 students, on the issue of abortion. I spent weeks researching and perfecting a speech on the abortion breast cancer (ABC) link.

The presentation was very well received both by the teacher and the forty students in the class.  I had many students come up to me after class, which never happened after other speeches.  

ABC linkYou don't have to argue with someone or call them names but can plant seeds and discuss things like faith and abortion in a friendly setting. Your job is not to argue or to be the cause of a persons conversion to a certain view.  

You are called to love and speek truth.  I hope you never allow yourself to be scared out of what is true.  

Read my blog about this experience and learn more about the ABC Link.  


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    Charles De Vita

    Dec 03, 2013


    what is fundamental is respecting others God given free will to opinions and beliefs that are different than yours.