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remain calm all is wellWhy is it that highs are so high and lows so low? It’s as if we constantly wait to grasp on to something exciting or devastating in life. Always searching for the next new thing.

In other words, when life is flatline it’s often not enough.

flatlineI work in a pregnancy resource center that helps women in crisis pregnancy. One thing the center director often notes is that the beautiful women coming in the door have a difficult time living with everything being calm and okay.

It’s as if people crave or even create a storm around themselves, especially us girls.

keep calm and trust GodRemaining at peace when things are calm is extremely important. However, it is just as important to maintain the peaceful flatline when life meets its low and high points.

There are many mountains and deserts to cross. The journey will only be more difficult if one embraces the panic, gossip, and remorse. Don’t just look for something to make you feel but reach for tpeace and joy.

Tears, struggle, and excitement are all marvelous things but they should not be what pull up or down.

Scripture Deep:

I was in mass last week (January 8th) while reflecting on the readings . . .

disciples in boat1 John 4:11-18 stressed the importance of remaining in God’s love for then we remain in God. As you journey and face the mountains and oceans think of remaining in God’s love, joy, and truth. When we fail to remain with God our patience and perspective tend to run short, but if we remain with him we can better calm ourselves in the midst of the storm.

The Gospel read with 1 John was Mark 6:45-52 which gave an example of the disciples fearing and crying out as they thought Christ was a ghost walking on the water in the storm.

Everything around the disciples didn’t calm down until Christ was back in the boat with them.

Remain with God as you face the calm of today or the sorrows of tomorrow. The more you maintain the flatline the easier the journey will be. Life throws many curveballs but how you handle it makes all the difference.


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