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Life or Death: Downton Abbey Season Four

r-DOWNTON-ABBEY-SEASON-4-PREMIERE-DATE-large570Downton Abbey **Spoiler Alert**

I have to say — I am obsessed with Downton Abbey. From Mary to Thomas this show has my full attention. I dreaded missing the last episode of season three last year while travelling in Europe. Upon finishing the third season I was devastated by the death of Matthew.

Downton Abbey Mary and MatthewFinally, Downton Abbey is back! No matter how hard I tried to get my hands on this season early I had to wait till the US premiere this past Sunday. Ladies, there is something about this show that leaves us aching for more. Sunday couldn’t have come soon enough.

Last night I was talking about how much Downton Abbey has taught me. It constantly has my wheels turning with the many responsibilities and challenges facing each character. After six months of grieving the loss of Matthew, Mary is told by her grandmother she must choose between life and death.

Downton Abbey Season Four Mary and GrandmaWhat shall it be?

This season will bring many surprises to Lady Mary who shocked us all in season one with the mister Pamuk incident . . . (I know I know, many of us try to forget this) It was a heart wrenching experience to say the least if you know what I’m talking about.

Back to my point . . . We grow with Mary’s character over the seasons and arrive finally at this young grieving widow as she faces the choice between life and death.

Mary Downton AbbeyWill she move on with her life or will she remain crippled, confused, sorrowful, and resentful?

While not in the same circumstances, all of us can identify with Mary’s choice. These are the moments where we would rather slump down in bed and allow the woes of the world to creep out our skin and infect those around us rather than picking up our heads and trekking on.

Mary’s grandmother presents her with a choice everyone faces, especially Christians today. Christ came to bring humanity from death into life. Like Mary, the Christian person will still struggle.

life or deathMary will still carry her grief and the Christian will still live with the effects of original sin: a fallen intellect and disordered desires. Christ never promised it would be easy but he calls us to live a new life, a renewed life.

“To set the mind on the flesh is death, but to set the mind on the Spirit is life and peace.” Romans 8:6

This is the theme we we see in the first episode. How do we live again when we want to hide away in the dark? How will you move from life to death?


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