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Hard Work vs. Agenda (Sochi Olympics)

Travis OlympicsI’m having a difficult time with the recognition of homosexuals at the forefront of President Obama’s message for the 2014 Olympics. This could open the floor to conversations on multiple levels. (Feel free to comment.) However, I bring this up for one reason.

I love the olympics and always make a tremendous effort to watch them — discrimination should have nothing to do with it. From bobsledding to ice skating, I love watching any of the sports due to the respect I have for all the athletes competing.


Sochi-2014-Olympics-829732I admire these athletes around the world who have worked incredibly hard for where they are today. Physically, mentally, and emotionally they have disciplined themselves for what they are passionate about.

Aliona-Savchenko-Robin-Szolkowy-Figure-SkatingI love to see the faces of such hard working people and what they work towards. Now, it never mattered to me whether they were gay, lesbian, or bisexual. I still respect their hard work and endurance — the two are irrelevant at this moment. 

ScienceOf2014OlympicsIt saddens me that President Obama has chosen to overtly push a message of tolerance for homosexuality and tell people not to discriminate when he discussed the Olympics. Setting aside the state of homosexuality in Russia and the US lets recognize the incredible accomplishment and hard work of the many Olympians, past and present, from around the world.

crop-biathlon-relay-03640910These athletes have worked all their lives. Let the games begin and may we enjoy the joys and difficulties of the competitions ahead. Lets go USA!


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