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Model Charlotte Dawson — To Choose

Charologget Dawson Tell AllMy heart broke when I heard the tragic story of super model Charlotte Dawson who ended her life after fourteen years of depression. That is, depression that began after her abortion in 2000.

In her autobiography Air Kiss and Tell Charlotte shared of her depression struggles over the years.

Ex-husband and Olympic swimmer Scott Miller did not want to have the child as it would interfere with his preparation for the Olympics. Not only did Charlotte loose her first and only child to abortion but her marriage also fell apart not long after.

Charlotte Dawson Depression and abortionOften the most successful and sophisticated women around us share Charlotte’s story of abortion and heartbreak. Why is it that so many women are willing to deny themselves and their child life and joy?

Most women remain silent about this experience and few ever know such depression and struggle is related to these so called “choices”.

603100-120903-charlotte-dawsonI have many friends and acquaintances whose stories begin with giving themselves sexually and emotionally to a young man they thought would be their husband. That is compromising everything in hope of growing old with the same man.

Story after story ends in similar circumstances. A friend who had an abortion because the man didn’t want the child or it wasn’t the ‘right timing’. A young lady only 15 who slept with her boyfriend because it made her feel loved and because she thought he wouldn’t leave.

Charlotte_Dawson_(8492540740)Charlotte Dawson is a mother and will always be a mother. Her life is yet another ended in struggle and tragedy. “Choices” may sound nice and easy but they’re not. The bad choices are tough and often so are the good choices, but the question is how that “choice” will be carried for the future.

Good ends justify good means. Joy, truth, and beauty are all wonderful things but will not be found when we justify or compromise our means.

Rest in Peace Charlotte 


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