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Tattoo Artist to Monk

“Six years ago, Mount Angel Abbey's serene hilltop campus shook, as leather-clad Bobby Love rolled in on his motorcycle. Love removed his helmet revealing pierced ears and a mop of dreadlocks. With tattoos on his hands, arms and neck, he looked like an extra on "Sons of Anarchy" not a someone attending a retreat for those who might become Catholic monks.”

Read Statesman Journal Article: ‘Tattoo artist turned monk: not your typical art story’


635508806066670283-Monk5319Too often we think pop culture and the Church are disconnected…  Actually, we think  they're enemies.  I know I buy into thinking this at times.  


This tattoo artist become monk is a reminder of how contrary that popular notion is.  


If that were the case Brother Andress Love never would have become a monk and here is why.  He was a passionate artist yet missing something in his life.




Divorced three times, drugs, and alcohol.  No obligation in the world.  Don’t we all seek freedom?  Yet why do we feel unsatisfied?  


635508805998570283-Monk5305"Everything said I should be happy, but I felt very alone and adrift. I looked at myself and realized that I had become a product," Love said. "I was doing art not as personal expression but for what the kids want, what the kids would shell out the coin for."


What was he searching for and what did he find in the Church?  



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    Amanda Gustafson

    Nov 14, 2014


    This is great! We were just talking about this in my class! Can I give my students the link to your blog?

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      Nov 14, 2014


      Amanda, yes of course!  Please do share.  I'm always here as a resource too for your teens at the high school.