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Event – True Femininity: women’s health & vocational identity

Hey Everyone,

Here is the event I’ve been sharing about that is coming up on November 14 at John Paul the Great Catholic University. I hope you can make it!

Ladies, bring your friends. Men, tell your girlfriends and sisters.

In a world where feminism is the most prominent topic for college age women our lineup of speakers wish to bring the conversation of feminism into discussion with the woman’s body and her vocation as a young woman.

True Femininity: women’s health & vocational identity

This event will shed light on nutrition, her bio-chemical makeup, depression, anxiety, and fertility. Come ready to learn from these brief presentations and to ask your questions during the panel discussion.

This is an event for all young women age 18-25 who wish to learn more about their bodies and spend time with other women of a similar age in the greater San Diego community.

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