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A Pro-Life, Pro-Woman Mindset

Below is an excerpt of my peace featured on Endow Voices answering this important question.  

Q: In light of this years Women’s march I’m reflecting and often encounter how to be a strong pro life voice amongst my pro-woman friends? We are all pro-women but their stance seems to be all encompassing of reproductive rights and  sense of anger that I don’t share. I feel like as a catholic woman I am very pro woman in a much more true version of the meaning, but how do I merge the two? How do I balance both worlds? How do I be pro-life amongst them not against my friends and colleagues?

A: Articulating A Pro-Life, Pro- Woman Mindset to a “Reproductive Rights Feminist”.

This is a great question.  Don’t we often want to say to other women, “But I’m pro-woman too!”  I often tell women that I am a feminist and their shock bridges the conversation to differences in positions.  What we mean by this is that our pro-life and natural sex mindset (aka no contraception) is what’s best for women.  We want other women to know that all women deserve better than abortion.  Furthermore, the so-called freedom the reproductive rights mantra offers is not women’s liberation but instead leads to a path of heartbreak and regret.  Continue reading

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