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2 Spooky Halloween Podcasts

Happy Halloween!  As we turn toward fun costumes and scary movies, on the eve of all Saints Day, we are reminded of the reality of the demonic world.  Public displays of witchcraft are on the rise.  This is a reminder of how serious the spiritual battle is.

I love Halloween as it ushers in two liturgical days that remind us of the fulness of the Church.  Unofficially, Halloween reminds me of the Church Militant.  Those of us on earth working toward conformity with Christ and eternal life with Him.

Tomorrow All Saints Day reminds us of the real people in history who we read about, who are present at every Eucharistic celebration, and who intercede for our daily transformation if we only ask.  They live in the presence of the heavenly throne.  They are the Church Triumphant.

We will be accountable for our life to the moment of death.  The saints were worthy.  Are we?  November 2 we are reminded of the Church suffering in Purgatory.  Though worthy and free of mortal sin at their death, they are being purged of those imperfections so that they can behold the beautiful perfection of our Heavenly Father.

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Know of my prayers for you!

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