Unplanned Behind the Scenes

Unplanned hit theaters this weekend coming in #5 at the box office with 1/4 of the screens that the #1 movie (Dumbo) had. The story of one Planned Parenthood manager’s turn from having been complicit in 22,000 abortions is a story that many don’t want to hear. The media has tried to silence this film by banning commercials and Unplanned’s Twitter account on opening weekend. The moral of the story? You need to do something about this movie.

Creators of this movie and pro-life activists across the nation are bringing their full support to help get people into the movie theaters. Why? Because this story will change the course of many peoples lives. Most will see for the first time the horror of what abortion is and get an inside perspective into the inner workings of Planned Parenthood.

A pro-life person commented to me recently that they’ve known about the movie for months so it doesn’t matter if Unplanned doesn’t have a Twitter presence. I’m not trying to convince you, we’re trying to make this movie accessible to all, especially young people. Take friends or send a group to see this movie while it’s in theaters. Talk about the movie even when it can get a little uncomfortable! Have courage and take this opportunity to put some skin in the game to help educate others to the importance of human life for both the mother and the baby threatened by abortion.

Here are the two latest interviews I’ve done on my radio show Trending with Timmerie with the leading actress Ashley Bratcher who plays Abby Johnson and the lovely Robia Scott who play the woman that groomed Abby to run a Planned Parenthood clinic. Listen up for the behind the scenes details. Ashley’s life was changed just by acting in this movie. Let’s change other’s minds!

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