Cinderella a Theology of the Body

Admit it, you were dying to see Cinderella too!  Last week I finally dragged my boyfriend to see Cinderella featuring some of the cast from Downton Abbey.  (An all time favorite of mine!  Who’s your favorite character?)   


I went to see the movie with my boyfriend, who works in the media industry producing branded entertainment content.  He commented after the movie how confusing it was to him because there wasn’t that usual ‘all hope is lost’ moment.  


I think Cinderella understanding her own existence through the gift of self prevented us from grasping an ‘all hope is lost’ moment.  While Cinderella was in a horrible circumstance she still knew who she was and no one could take that from her.  By her gift of self in the simple acts of service to others she saw her value even when others didn’t.  


While most of us don’t find ourselves in a Cinderella indentured servant like situation we still face challenges that are difficult to fight our way out of emotionally and sometimes physically.

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Tattoo Artist to Monk

“Six years ago, Mount Angel Abbey's serene hilltop campus shook, as leather-clad Bobby Love rolled in on his motorcycle. Love removed his helmet revealing pierced ears and a mop of dreadlocks. With tattoos on his hands, arms and neck, he looked like an extra on "Sons of Anarchy" not a someone attending a retreat for those who might become Catholic monks.”

Read Statesman Journal Article: ‘Tattoo artist turned monk: not your typical art story’


635508806066670283-Monk5319Too often we think pop culture and the Church are disconnected…  Actually, we think  they're enemies.  I know I buy into thinking this at times.  


This tattoo artist become monk is a reminder of how contrary that popular notion is.  


If that were the case Brother Andress Love never would have become a monk and here is why.  He was a passionate artist yet missing something in his life.




Divorced three times, drugs, and alcohol.  No obligation in the world.  Don’t we all seek freedom?  Yet why do we feel unsatisfied?  


635508805998570283-Monk5305"Everything said I should be happy, but I felt very alone and adrift. I looked at myself and realized that I had become a product," Love said. "I was doing art not as personal expression but for what the kids want, what the kids would shell out the coin for."


What was he searching for and what did he find in the Church?  

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Girls: From a Flower to a Bomb

TulipsMost any girls over the age of 14 say other girls are among those who wound them the worse.

You girlfriends are those who can encourage you to conquer the world then undercut you with a simple few words or actions.

Why is this?

We all do this in some way. Think of your own life… OH how easy it is to divide by complaining and negativity.

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Model Charlotte Dawson — To Choose

Charologget Dawson Tell AllMy heart broke when I heard the tragic story of super model Charlotte Dawson who ended her life after fourteen years of depression. That is, depression that began after her abortion in 2000.

In her autobiography Air Kiss and Tell Charlotte shared of her depression struggles over the years.

Ex-husband and Olympic swimmer Scott Miller did not want to have the child as it would interfere with his preparation for the Olympics. Not only did Charlotte loose her first and only child to abortion but her marriage also fell apart not long after.

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To Pray or Not to Pray

1081-1259261096uElp"For me, prayer is a surge of the heart; it is a simple look turned toward heaven, it is a cry of recognition and of love, embracing both trial and joy." ~ St. ThéRèse of Lisieux ~




A few girls recently asked me to write a blog about prayer. Now this made me giggle at first because I thought: girl+prayer=mind running in 50 trillion directions.

distracted-girl-15049452I get it, this happens to me every day and I just want to tell myself “Calm down and think of one thing at a time.” If only it were that easy!

I struggle to stay focussed whether I’m in Mass, reading the Bible, praying the Rosary, or spontaneously praying. It’s difficult!

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Be a Shirley not a Wrecking Ball

John-Boles-and-Shirley-TempleI don’t know about you, but I grew up watching the Shirley Temple movies. My all time favorite was The Littlest Rebel. I cry every time when Shirley’s mom dies and I have a huge crush on John Boles who plays Shirley’s dad.

Monday, this childhood actrice died at the age of 85. I find it sad that many people’s response is, “I didn’t know she was still alive.”

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Hard Work vs. Agenda (Sochi Olympics)

Travis OlympicsI’m having a difficult time with the recognition of homosexuals at the forefront of President Obama’s message for the 2014 Olympics. This could open the floor to conversations on multiple levels. (Feel free to comment.) However, I bring this up for one reason.

I love the olympics and always make a tremendous effort to watch them — discrimination should have nothing to do with it. From bobsledding to ice skating, I love watching any of the sports due to the respect I have for all the athletes competing.

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Catholic Around the World

pope-francis-brazilSometimes we have this idea that America is the only place in the world.

As young Catholics we forget there are other people in different countries who speak different languages, but are Catholic. They stand for the same exact things Catholics in the US stand for!

Do you ever feel alone, like the only person who is pro-life or believes homosexuality doesn’t jive?

Here’s a taste of the universality of our faith… Catholics across the world:

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jeremiah-29-11-plans-coverI realized today how cherished I am by the men in my life, even those who lack respect for other women. Why is it that a friend who otherwise sleeps with every other girl he speaks with can respect and cherish me in a pure and sisterly way?

This is something I want for you girls. Any man, no matter his background can cherish you for one reason: because it has everything to do with who you are.

483370_10151568892332359_883300764_nI certainly do not have it all figured out but I have realized some things about my friendships, particularly with the male gender. Story time . . .

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41 Years to Go?

Screen shot 2014-01-22 at 8.46.54 AMI wonder if 41 years from now, as I venture into old age, if today will mark the 82nd anniversary of Roe v. Wade — the supreme court decision legalizing abortion through all nine months of a woman’s pregnancy in the United States.

I wonder if the many marches will continue in 2055. Will hope be lost after 50 or 70 years of legalized abortion?

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