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Happy New Year! 2011

Millington Family Happy New Year! 2011 is here and will be filled with many new memories. My family woke up before the crack of dawn this morning and ventured to Pasadena to see the famous Rose Parade. It was very neat to see the many beautiful floats, here are pictures I took of some of […]


Oppose “Feed The Flock” Pepsi and Doritos Commercial

Please take a few moments to sign this petition in opposition to the Super Bowl commercial called “Feed the Flock”. This video mocks the Catholic tradition of the paschal feast by dispersing Doritos and Pepsi in lieu of bread in wine which, during the sacrifice of the Mass, is transformed into the body and blood […]


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – First Annual Walk for Life Youth Rally January 22, 2011 After Walk for Life

Contact: Timmerie Millington Tel. (909) 496-9812                                      For Immediate Release Email: Walk for Life Youth Rally at Fort Mason’s Festival Pavillion Immediately Folowing Walk for Life West Coast Featuring Master of Ceremonies Dr. Michael Barber, Ike Ndolo Band, and guest speakers from Students for Life and 40 Days for Life. San Francisco, California. December 20 […]


Abortion a Religion?

Read this article “Abortion and the Occult…” by Kathleen Gilbert. While this isn’t the only reason abortions are performed this is the case in many places, these children are sacrifices.   Please pray for the people who are involved. Let me know what you think.


Walk for Life Youth Rally

Walk for Life Youth Rally is only a month away!  I have been organizing this event for the last year, and I can hardly wait to see the outcome.   See the promotional video below, and for further information visit


A ProLife Christmas Carol

Sing hymns of Christmas at a local abortion clinic this holiday season. It’s not too late to host A Pro-Life Christmas Carol event in your home town. Each year while the world around us celebrates the many joys of the holiday season with Christmas music, parties, movies, decorations, and delicious treats, there are women who […]

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Profits from Popular Christmas Flowers are Paying for Abortions

Planned Parenthood is once again raking in the money from everyday people, even during the Christmas season. The festive poinsettia plants that are used to decorate churches and homes over the Christmas season are helping to fund Planned Parenthood. Paul Ecke Ranch, the world’s largest distributor of poinsettias, is a large benefactor of Planned Parenthood. […]


40 Days for Life Experience

This fall I had the opportunity to run the first fall 40 Days for Life campaign at Family Planning Associates (FPA) in San Diego off of Miramar Road, September 22 — October 31. When a dear friend of mind first asked me to help out I said of course, and though it wouldn’t be too […]


Angels In Waiting

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Life Saving Work of Pregnancy Counseling Centers is Under Attack

Whether you are pro-life or pro-choice we must all stand for the constitutional rights of pregnancy counseling center. Pro-choice organizations are attempting to close pregnancy counseling centers across the country. While we may not agree on the issue of abortion, the help which pregnancy counseling centers bring to women during their pregnancy significantly reduces the […]