Birmingham Abortion Clinic Closes After Botched Abortions

After years of performing abortions All Woman New Woman abortion clinic in Birmingham, Alabama has closed. The closure of this clinic has been a long battle for the pro-life movement in Birmingham including years of perseverance in the face of battling rights to stand on the public sidewalk in front of the abortion clinic. Last week the clinic closed after two more women this year were rushed to the emergency room due to unsafe procedures that violated health codes.

Last year I flew to Birmingham and participated  in a series of prayer vigils in front of All Woman New Woman to help re-establish sidewalk counseling and witness in front of the clinic. For seventeen years, pro-lifers were scared away from having a presence on the clinic sidewalk due to a federal court injunction which prohibited four peaceful sidewalk counselors/prayer warriors from standing in front of the clinic.  

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The Church (that’s you), Will She Stand United; Will She Stand at All?

A few weeks ago in mass, after reading the most atrocious ad published in the New York Times It’s Time to Quit the Catholic Church to us during a homily, Father Charles (a Norbertine priest) said that a bishop told him a few years ago something along the lines of ‘I will die peacefully in bed. My successor will die in prison. And his successor will die a martyr.’

While some people may believe this is an exaggeration, I do believe now is a time when people of faith will have to make the decision between apathy and truth, and the truth will not be an easy thing to stand for. I could make a list of severe threats and attacks of our faith, but I will not drag this on that long.

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Religious Freedom Rally – Keep the Momentum

Friday March 23 at noon, thousands of people gathered at over 140 locations across the country for the Stand Up for Religious Freedom rallies in opposition to the HHS mandate. I took in the beautiful ocean view as we were about to start our rally in San Diego. Once the rally began, I delivered the invocation prayer and then shared how this threat on religious liberty will affect the future generations if we do not take action. A number of energetic and inspirational speakers, including our new coadjutor Bishop Flores, rallied over 2,000 attendees. Read more

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Missing Children – World Down Syndrome Day

We hear the numbers over and over again, 3,500+ children aborted every day in the United States, but because these children are aborted and never see the light of day, there is never a face associated with the little persons in the womb. Allow me to put a face on the children that should have been aborted due to doctor’s and society’s recommendations. These children have Down Syndrome and make up approximately 1 in 800 births. Read more

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Saint Joseph a Father

Below are pieces of a blog I wrote last year after Father’s Day where I reflected on Saint Joseph as a father in comparison to modern day fathers. As today we celebrate the life of Saint Joseph, the patron saint of families, I encourage you to read and share what a beautiful life Saint Joseph led and how we can imitate the love he showed for his family in our own lives. Read more

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The Luck of the Irish

In light of Saint Patrick’s day, I would like to bring attention to a wonderful group of young people from Ireland that I met last year . . .In 1992 a group of 7 college age students stood up against Ireland’s version of Roe v Wade, and they were successful. This group is called Youth Defence. They were made the leaders of the pro-life movement in Ireland by organizing events and creating awareness to fight to keep Ireland abortion free. 20 years later, Ireland is still abortion free! Because those 7 college students saw the truth of abortion and rejected apathy and rallied their country to stand for life people live today and families are not broken because of the destruction abortion brings emotionally and physically.

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Religious Freedom Rallies

On March 23 at noon, in over 110 cities across America, ‘Stand Up for Religious Freedom’ rallies will be held to stop the Health and Human Services (HHS) Mandate which requires employers to provide free contraception, sterilization, and abortion inducing drugs. This mandate violates the conscience’s of millions of Americans and is a blatant attack on our constitutional right to religious liberty.

President Obama’s administration is confining the practice of faith to within the four walls of churches. You should not stand by idle while this is done. Too many people are silent and believe that people of faith are the minority, but this is not the truth. Apathy will do nothing and good men must say something!

Media and abortion advocates are attacking the Catholic church at its core. They have split us before on the abortion issue and we must not allow them to do it again. Our opponents are scared of the Catholic church. They should be because truth and love are on our side!

We must and will be united as one nation under God!

Please join your local religious freedom rally or host one of you own. More details can be found at StandUpForReligiousRreedom.com.

I will be giving the invocation speech at the San Diego ‘Stand Up for Religious Freedom’ rally. Details at San Diego for Religious Freedom.


For the
Dignity of the Born and Unborn,


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International Women’s Day – Values

Today is International Women's Day! I ask myself what that means exactly? On the news this morning it was spoken of as a day to recognize the empowerment of women as a fundamental human right. I completely agree! I see this day as a day to recognize the fundamental human right to life of women both born and unborn and how women today should have values along with their "empowerment".

Well, one woman who is quite popular today is Karen Santorum. Last night I watched a short interview of her by CBS news. I encourage you to look at this woman as a wonderful role model. She admits when she was younger she made mistakes, she has a fantastic education and career, she serves her family and husband first and foremost, she follows God's call for her family, and she is unquestionably pro-life.

Please watch this inspiring interview by CBS of Karen Santorum on International Women's Day:

Are we giving women in the womb a chance to live as well? Are women who live today standing for this fundamental right to life?

For the Dignity of the Born and Unborn,


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Catholic Radio San Diego – Truth Speaks

Hey Everyone,

Being back at John Paul the Great Catholic University has kept me very busy, and I can hardly believe the quarter is almost over. I'm getting back into the swing of things and blogs will be posted on a regular bases coming next week. 

Today I went to the launch of Immaculate Heart Radio's newest station in San Diego! We are so blessed to have 24/7 Catholic content available to us now in San Diego at AM 1000. I wanted to share with you briefly a few things that stood out about today's event. Since I should be studying here they are in bullet points:

  • What Father Dempsey said today at the launch is exactly why I started my blog for Catholic Youth:"Every human person is a mini radio — an evangelist. To be evangelists we have to be informed." ~ Father Nicholas Dempsey, St. Therese of Carmel San Diego ~ 

  • How can you teach others if you are not properly informed? 

  • We have to be a present voice among the every day buzz. . . Start having conversations with your piers (this is where your biggest impact can be made if you do nothing else)! 

I'll be back soon! Please keep me in your prayers as I study and take my final exams. 

For the
Dignity of the Born and Unborn,


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Call for Santorum!

It’s crunch time for Team Santorum. We’re asking all members to make 20 calls by tonight. Will you help? Here’s the link:


Rick Santorum For President!

For the
Dignity of the Born and Unborn,

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