Truth Prevails in Our Modern Day Culture

This is not an easy story to tell or read. But there is an important message of hope and the need for truth. . .

Last week I received a comment on one of my blogs from a young lady who had taken RU-486 and hours later changed her mind and wanted to stop the chemical abortion process. She told me “I didn’t think I would feel this bad. I’m not religious but I know this isn’t the right thing to do.” Within an hour we were able to make contact with Dr. Delgado in San Diego who is one of the few doctors who has successfully saved the lives of children through progesterone treatment after the chemical abortion pills have been taken.

Unfortunately before the young lady met with Dr. Delgado she ended up in the emergency room with severe cramping and bleeding, worse than she ever expected. I’ll save you from the morbid details (learn more about taking RU-486). The bottom line is that when this young lady went to the emergency room the doctor lied to her and told her it would cause worse damage if she did not take the remaining pills for the RU-486 abortion process.

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Religious Liberty – A Time to Stand

Nearly four years ago Barack Obama was elected president of the United States. I was 16 years old and on that day I wept because I knew President Obama was going to do things that would drastically challenge and change our society because he had neither regard for the children in the womb nor for religious liberties. I had just gotten out of a dance class and I was sitting in front of Target weeping because our country was about to hurt and I knew that I was one of many who would not be silent against the civil injustices of my lifetime. I wondered what we were about to face. . .

I’m nearly 20 years old now and over the last three years my fears have come true. The citizens of the United States have fought FOCA, abortion coverage in health-care, same sex marriage, and much more. Then, a few weeks ago President Obama’s administration mandated contraception, abortifacients, and sterilization under his new health care law. Not only does the mandate give these services on demand with no co-pay or out of pocket fee, but it requires employers to provide this insurance or be fined. It also requires employers to educate employees on the services.

Oh and have I mentioned the worse part yet?

Every employer, with only churches as the exception, must provide this morally unacceptable insurance or be fined. President Obama’s administration is allowing us to only practice our faith within the four walls of our church because otherwise this insurance policy is required for institutions such as Catholic Hospitals, schools, Catholic Charities… This is first and foremost a First Amendment religious liberty issue. Your rights have been violated, and this is just the beginning.

Yes, this is about abortion, contraception, and sterilization, but more so about President Obama’s administration’s power to overrule rights and religious freedoms. If they are able to put this mandate into action, they will be able to next add abortion to the list of available preventative services. This is an extremely slippery slope!

Yes, four years later, and we are facing the biggest civil rights issue since Roe vs Wade! I’m 20 years old and I just saw Jayne, my 20 year old best friend, and more than five other close friends be arrested for praying in front of the White House yesterday. They stood for what they believe in, they prayed to God for mercy on our country, they prayed for our religious liberties, and they were arrested on a public sidewalk.

In all honesty how much worse could it possibly get?

Mandated funding of contraception, abortifacients, and sterilization.

Religious liberties violated and ignored.

Men and woman arrested for praying on a public sidewalk.

I’m writing to you with tears and in shock. Jayne and I aren’t just little girls anymore praying hand and hand in front of an abortion clinic and sidewalk counseling women before their child’s life is taken. We are now praying and taking action against mandated funding of morally unacceptable services. We are fighting for our rights, while trying to fight for the rights of the precious children in the womb.

So I ask you. Will you stand together America?

A few nights ago, on a national conference call Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life said, “You do not adapt to an injustice. You oppose it!”. Father Pavone also talked about how this battle is not one that will be won over night, but will be an ongoing long term struggle. It will take months and it could take us into next year, but WE CAN NOT GIVE UP. They want us to be utterly overwhelmed; they want our tears to turn into apathy.

Cameron, Katie, Jayne, & I After a ProLife Event in 2007

We will not be silent! So here are some immediate steps of action:

  1. Review talking points and talk about this! Educate others!
  2. Contact Congress
  3. Pray Novena
  4. March 23 — Stand Up for Religious Freedom Public Witness

Read more about yesterday’s arrests.

For the
Dignity of the Born and Unborn,

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Arrest at White House

With a heavy heart I share that this morning a number of my close friends were arrested infront of the White House for peacefully standing and praying on a public sidewalk in defense of religious liberties and against the HHS mandate violating every American’s conscience. This could be the greatest civil rights issue of our time. May God have mercy on our country!

My best friend Jayne White was unconstitutionally arrested for kneeling and praying in behalf of religious liberties. They were silenced by the arrest and released a little later after having payed a $100 fine per person.

Father Wilder of Priest for Life was also arrested yesterday and said, “Occupy Wall Street protesters have been occupying federal property for months, but when we kneel in prayer, the police are called in and we are arrested,” Father Wilder continued, “We knew that was the risk when we gathered today, and we will do it again regardless of the risk. What people of faith — of every faith — need to do now is stand with us.”

“These were the first arrests in opposition to the immoral Obama Mandate, but they won’t be the last. Our freedom to exercise our religious beliefs without government coercion is one of our most precious liberties. We cannot bow to tyranny or be forced to participate in the taking of innocent human life against our consciences. Peaceful protects and civil disobedience can be expected to continue until Obama rescinds the mandate,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman, who is also head of Pro-Life Nation.

What has our country come to?

For the Dignity of the Born and Unborn,
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Action: Defend Religious Liberty

Take action today to defend religious liberty and stop abortion pills and contraception from being covered through mandated insurance policies with no copay. We will not allow religious liberties to violated by giving free birth control and abortion pills!

Read my original blog, if you haven’t already, giving more detail on the issue. It’s very important we are all educated on the issue at hand: ‘Religious Freedom and America Consciences

Take Action:

  1. Sign the Petition by ACLJ to Reverse President Obama’s Forced Abortion Pill Coverage for Religious Institutions
  2. Pass this on for others to read and take action
  3. Pray

For the
Dignity of the Born and Unborn,

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Religious Freedom and America Consciences

Challenge to every American Citizens Conscience . . . YOU need to know!

On January 20, 2012 Kathleen Sebelius, secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS), instituted a ruling requiring every insurance policy to cover the costs of contraception, abortion inducing drugs, and sterilization. If the ruling is not reversed, it will go into effect late this summer!

This will require religious institutions, with only a small exception for churches, against their moral and ethical beliefs, to provide insurance plans paying for these services. American citizens will be paying for these services through their insurance, and they will have NO choice.

Please watch the below video by Bishop Slattery of the diocese of Tulsa, OK where he explains the appalling threat to not only every Americana’s conscience but to religious freedoms:

A few things I would like to emphasize from Bishop Slattery’s statement:

  • As an American you have a a fundamental right to Religious Liberty
  • This is a violation of your First Amendment Right of Religious Liberty
  • Businesses and institutions will be forced to provide this insurance
  • These services are intrinsically evil
  • The Catholic Church has always complied with the law, however, this is a law we cannot and will not comply with
  • The right to free exercise of religion ranks first in the bill of rights

Bishops and Cardinals across the United States have joined together in guiding the Catholic Church in a firm position that opposes this mandate, which violates your right to Religious liberty by requiring all institutions and people of faith to violate their consciences by requiring them to provide and pay for abortion inducing drugs, contraception, and sterilization.

It is not possible for me to stress how important it is for every person to be aware of what is happening and what is at stake here. This decision will not be reversed if you do not become informed and vehemently stand against it. We will lose the most important of liberties if you are silent. Catholic, Evangelical, and secular alike should agree that this is a blatant violation of the rights of the American people.

Take Action:

  1. Send a pre-written email to congress: http://www.nchla.org/actiondisplay.asp?ID=292
  2. Educate yourself and others on the issue by sharing this article
  3. Pray
  4. Don’t stop praying or taking action

So tell me, why are you against this HHS mandate?

For the
Dignity of the Born and Unborn,

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ProLife News Update 2/6

Here is a little bit of what has been going on in the pro-life world this week.

  • Susan G. Komen retracts defunding Planned Parenthood; yet things are left unclear. What’s really going on? Pro-lifers are pretty unanimous on where to stand concerning Komen’s announcement: learn more and take action
  • Michelle Obama continues to strengthen ties to Planned Parenthood as she campaigns for her husband’s re-election reports Steven Ertelt of Life News
  • Planned Parenthood supports women making the right to choose sex selective abortions. Read more on Life News.
  • We must support a presidential candidate who is solid in his pro-life convictions. Read ‘So, You Want to Elect a President’
  • 40 Days for Life reports of a former abortion clinic worker who ran a 40 Days for Life campaign at her former work place and now the clinic is about to close! 
  • NCHLA reports “Department of Health and Human Services reaffirmed a rule that under the new health care law, virtually all private health care plans must cover sterilization, abortifacients, and contraception.” Take action now

Prayer Request: Please pray for my cousin Suzie and her baby Gregory (in picture) as she is about to deliver this little guy.

Anything interesting stand out to you this week in the news or do you have an event to share about?

Please share this article to help keep others informed.

For the
Dignity of the Born and Unborn,

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Statement on Komen and Planned Parenthood Funding

Pro-Life Statement, Priests For Life on the Susan G. Komen Foundation and Planned Parenthood:

Today the Susan G. Komen Foundation made an announcement that appears as if they have reversed themselves on funding of Planned Parenthood. 

It is unclear at this time if they have in fact reversed themselves. 

What we know has happened this week was nothing short of a Mafia shakedown by Planned Parenthood against the Susan G. Komen Foundation. It was little more than a hostage-taking by an abortion bully. 

Planned Parenthood told the Komen Foundation, “Either give us money or we will destroy you.” They were aided and abetted in this hostage-taking by the mainstream media.

Susan G. Komen withheld Planned Parenthood funding for two laudatory reasons: they do not fund groups under criminal investigation and they do not support groups that do not actually help women in need of breast health care. 

Planned Parenthood is under legislative and criminal investigations all over this country. What’s more, Planned Parenthood does not provide mammograms even though they claim they do. 

What Planned Parenthood did this week was unleash their multi-million dollar fury and political might against a group wholly unprepared for such a political attack. The Susan G. Komen Foundation is a non-profit charity dedicated to curing breast cancer. Planned Parenthood is a political machine dedicated to attacking anyone and anything that stands in its way. 

Planned Parenthood tried this week to utterly destroy the Susan G. Komen Foundaton and they were well on their way to doing just that. They made it abundantly clear they care more for abortion than for protecting women’s lives. 

This is not the first time. When the country was debating national health care, Planned Parenthood was quite willing to kill the bill rather than allow even minor abortion restrictions in it. Later, Planned Parenthood pushed President Obama toward a government shutdown rather than allow Planned Parenthood funding restrictions in the federal budget. 

Planned Parenthood has shown they care more about abortion and about protecting their funding streams than any other thing, including women’s lives. 

At this point, pro-lifers should cease their support of the Susan G. Komen Foundation. We should wait and see what happens. We know there are five more Komen grants to Planned Parenthood in the pipeline. If any more come up, we will know we have lost and Planned Parenthood has won and we will take appropriate actions at that time. 

Pro-lifers should not regret the work we have done over the past days on this issue. We should only regret we could not have done more to make Komen strong and able to fight off the thuggish abortion giant, Planned Parenthood. 

We should pray for Nancy Brinker and her colleagues at the Susan G. Komen Foundation, that they have the strength to stop funding Planned Parenthood. We should turn all of our fire on Planned Parenthood and show them for the criminal enterprise they really are.

Action Items:

  1. Pray for Nancy and the Susan G. Komen Foundation.
  2. Repost this article to help other understand what’s going on. 
  3. Email news@komen.org and tell them you support them in defunding Planned Parenthood and not to give in to Planned Parenthood’s bullying. 
Learn about the scientifically proven fact of how abortion causes breast cancer from the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute

For the
Dignity of the Born and Unborn,

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Thank Komen

Yesterday Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the largest breast cancer organization, announced they are ceasing all funding to Planned Parenthood through donations and grants. This is big news for pro-lifers who have continuously pointed out and protested the shocking affiliation between Komen and Planned Parenthood given that abortion significantly increases a woman’s risk of breast cancer.

Thanks to pressures from pro-life advocates across the country, Komen has stopped funding the largest abortion provider in the United States — Planned Parenthood. Komen has received thousands of emails from pro-abortion organizations criticizing the defunding of Planned Parenthood.


Will you take a quick second to send a ‘thank you’ email to Komen? It can be as simple as. “Thank you for defunding Planned Parenthood.” news@komen.org

For the
Dignity of the Born and Unborn,

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California Pro-Lifers Try Again for Parental Notice on Abortion

My Most recent article on www.LifeNews.com

Signatures are currently being gathered to put Parental Notification on the 2012 November ballot for the fourth time in California. In 2008 Parental Notification’s Proposition 4 lost by a very small percentage, 52% to 48%. Parental notification proponents are back this year in full force, but this time they have something that changes the game . . .
Continue reading on Life News

For the
Dignity of the Born and Unborn,

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Come and follow Me, and I will give you peace.

Guest blog by 18 year old Sarah Durling

It was January 22 2011, the day of the Walk for Life West Coast! That was the day that started it all. About a week before the walk, I started doubting that Campus Life Tours was my calling. After the Walk for Life, a few friends and I went to mass at St. Dominic’s Catholic Church in San Francisco. I knew I had a doubtful heart at the time, so I asked the Lord, “Am I really supposed to go on Campus Life Tours? What do you want me to do?” Then I said that famous line, “Lord, please use me.” We stood to listen to the Gospel and I could not believe my ears! The reading was from Matthew,

“As he was walking along the Sea of Galilee he watched two brothers, Simon now known as Peter, and his brother Andrew, casting a net into the sea. They were fishermen. He said to them, “Come after me and I will make you fishers of men.” They immediately abandoned their nets and became his followers.” ~ Matthew 4:18-20 ~

Then the priest gave his homily, “If you feel that doing pro-life work for your whole life is what God wants, or if you have this burning desire to save babies from abortion, that is what God is calling you to do!” When the priest said that, I immediately knelt down in thanksgiving! Now I know that is what God wanted me to do! Now I have a handful of pro-life missionary groups lined up including Campus Life Tours.

When I went to the Survivor’s camp after deciding to join Campus Life Tours, something happened to me that I would never forget. Our camp was standing on Venice Beach in the middle of huge crowds and walkways with signs of aborted children to show the truth to our peers. I was standing in front of a lady’s booth, and after a while, she started to get fed up with me. She came up to me and said, “I am sorry, but I cannot have you in front of my booth. I am trying to eat my lunch and I cannot eat with your picture facing toward me. Can you please move?” I had not gotten permission to move so I told her “No.” She obviously did not like that answer. “No, you HAVE to move.” Then she tried to take my sign from me. I pulled it out of her hands and said, “I am not moving from this spot unless I am told by my leader.” Then the unthinkable happened. She tried to push me and my sign over!

I stood there no matter how hard she pushed on my sign. God was definitely there helping me! Since she could not push me over, she retreated to her booth and just glared at me. Eventually, a few friends came over and stood with me after I called a leader and said that someone tried to push me over. A few minutes later, I heard some people yelling a little ways away from me and my sign. I looked over just in time to see a young woman from a shop behind us kick a sign in! She turned around after she broke the sign and yelled, “Who’s next?!?” Oh no…that would be me. I tried to keep my mind off of what the woman had just said, so I was engaged in conversations with people walking by asking them what they thought of the pictures. Then the lady that tried to take my sign away from me came up to me shaking her prayer book in my and my friend’s faces yelling, “These are prayers from the bible! You should read them!” In my mind I was screaming, “I do!” But it never came out because I did not want to ruin my video.

Then, as one Survivor tried to reason with her, another Survivor came and stood back to back with me. Oh what is happening now? I looked behind me when I heard some yelling from the lady who broke our sign earlier! She was in my friend’s face yelling at him when he intercepted her as she tried to jump on me from behind! Thank goodness he was there or else my nose might have been broken from this mad woman. The woman continued to yell, not even an inch from his face! “Touch me! Touch me! Touch me mother trucker!” She yelled that over and over again. Then she finally backed off. The thought came to my mind, “Could anything else happen?” But I stupidly jinxed myself and lo and behold! A man came from behind some palm trees carrying a plastic chair that had something on it. It was pretty much dripping with whatever was on the chair, and he was bringing it over to me! A couple of girls screamed when he walked passed them and I immediately knew that it was not going to be pleasant. He walked up to me and my sign and shoved the chair slowly against my sign – the chair was covered in a swarm of bees! In my mind, I started totally freaking out by that time. My friend and fellow Survivor said calmly, “No matter what you do to us, we are not going to move.” 

Then the man who put the chair in front of my sign simply picked up the chair again and walked off. For about three seconds, I kept telling myself not to cry. The adrenaline was running through me at five hundred miles per hour! Then unexpectedly, a hand was placed on my shoulder! “Oh this is going to be my doom!” I thought. When I turned around to “face my doom”, I turned to find an old man. He looked so kind, his eyes were kind, so I figured he would not hit me. He looked at me with those kind eyes as he said this,

“I am so proud of you child. I do not think that I would have been able to be that brave in your situation. I know for sure that God will save you and your friends a special place in Heaven and you will receive your crown in His kingdom. Remember this, Rescue those who are being dragged to death, and to those tottering to execution withdraw not.” 

Then as fast as he appeared, he disappeared! Then I broke down and cried. Was this the Lord who just appeared to me? He quoted my favorite verse in the Bible perfectly and with such love! I could not believe it. Then another friend came to my aide and escorted me away from the commotion. I do not know for sure if God just appeared to me, or if it was an angel sent from heaven, but what I do know is that day changed the little spit of fire in my soul into a roaring fire that cannot be quenched!

Now I am on Campus Life Tours and it is everything that I expected! I love it so much, and I feel like I have another family in Southern California. A very large family filled with brothers and sisters who are all fighting for the same thing. While I was on tour last semester, I experienced something that I had not experience before. I know it may sound very crazy, but I felt the devil’s presence. I know it sounds like all voodoo and stuff like that, but when I was in front of ‘Woman’s Health Specialists’ in Sacramento of all places, I felt something wrong there – very wrong.

We went out in the middle of the night to chalk all over the sidewalk in front of this horrific clinic and as I was chalking, something happened that was really hard to explain at first. I was chalking as fast as I could, chalking things like “Your baby has a heartbeat at only twenty-one days” and loving messages all over the sidewalk. Then my piece of chalk fell out of my hand, but this did not feel like it just fell out, it felt like it was pulled out of my hand! Like I said, it sounds crazy, but it did happen. It happened a few more times, and every time the chalk was pulled out of my hand, I would scratch my knuckles. By the end of the night, my knuckles were pretty skinned up and they definitely hurt. I think that the devil will test us in millions of ways through our lifetime and we must not let him succeed ever! There were times where I would feel like giving up, but I could not let the devil win! I had to keep strong no matter what happened, and no matter what questions or insults were thrown at me.

When we went to Sacramento State University, John Ficker, who works with Project Truth, brought a woman over to me. “Sarah, this young lady does not want to hear us men talk about our views because we would not understand.” I shook the woman’s hand introducing myself with a friendly smile. Instead of saying ‘nice to meet you’ or anything like that, she asked me, “How old are you sweetie?” I cringed at the thought of her calling me sweetie, it makes me feel like I am eight years old. “Eighteen, what does that have to do with our conversation?” She looked at John with disbelief,

“You brought me to an eighteen year old?” John tried to calm her down as she was coming to her boiling point, “Well we have some older women here as well if you would like to talk to one of them,” she pretty much just brushed him off. “I did not know s*** when I was eighteen. What could she possibly know?” John came to my defense, “Whoa, you are just going to wave her off just because of how old she is? I think that this eighteen year old is smarter than you.” She scoffed at the comment, “Oh yeah?” John then said, “Alright let us have a contest to see if this eighteen year old is smarter than this…oh how old are you?” She made herself look all high and mighty and said, “Thirty.” All I was thinking was, “Oh this is one of those brick walls…”

John continued, “Alright let us see who is smarter. At what age does a fetus, embryo, whatever you want to call it, when does her heart start beating?” The woman looked like it was the easiest question and prepared herself to win our little contest. “Eighteen weeks of course!” WHAT? Four months? John made a buzzer noise and declared her the loser of our contest and asked me for the correct answer, “Eighteen to twenty-one DAYS.” The lady stared at me with a cold stare that could rip you apart, but with my Lord, I stood strong.

After a million of the usual questions, she finally blurted out, “Would you give your life to save these fetuses?!?!” Without even a second thought I told her calmly, “Yes, of course I would if that means that they will live.” She threw up her hands, “I can’t talk to you anymore! You are driving me crazy!” I wish I could have talked to her a little while longer, but I had already put a crack in the brick wall and maybe she will look at that crack later. That is what I hope.

Like I said before, you will be tested. I was asked if I would give up my life to save babies! Of course I would, but if someone asked you that question, what would you have answered? Will you follow me and give up semesters and summers of your life to go save babies? The one important question is – What will you do to serve your Lord?

“If anyone serves me, he must follow me; and where I am, there will my servant be also. If anyone serves me, the Father will honor him.”~ John 12:26 ~
For Life and for the Little Ones,
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