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Why bring Timmerie to speak?

It’s time we work together to educate the future of the Catholic Church. In a modern culture where many find religion irrelevant and moral issues debatable it’s time the Church’s teaching is expressed clearly and concisely. Timmerie seeks to communicate the transcendence of human dignity found in the Church and how social and scientific evidence agrees. This is true whether discussing who we are in relation to God or how religion fits into the dialogue of today’s hot-button issue.

Some of Timmerie’s regular presentations are listed below. With her MA in Biblical Theology and deep roots in Catholic social teaching Timmerie is ready to engage on a wide variety topics.

image1Theology of the Body

Theology of the Body unravels the beauty of what it means to be authentically human in a fallen world. It looks at human sexuality as central to the human vocation and integral to understanding the soul’s pursuit of happiness whether you are single, married, or a consecrated religious. This anthropological and theological look at the human person from the beginning of time reminds us that all are called to life giving self giving love because we are men and women created in the image and likeness of God.

A ProWoman ProLife Dialogue
The conversation surrounding abortion for years has centered around the the humanity of the unborn child. This talk focusses on the need to create a stronger dialogue articulating the challenge of the woman facing a sexualized culture in favor of abortion and contraception. It’s time to reclaim the dialogue and show that to be pro-life is a woman centered approach for the good of the woman and all of society. To be pro-life is to believe in real reproductive rights and that a woman’s fertility does not make her deficient nor in need of fixing.

Chastity in the Modern World

This talk is adapted to the age of the audience as it digs into the importance of Chastity as an integral part of the human person. The focus surrounds the general human vocation of Chastity as the life giving self giving love that all are called to and the dignity of the human person as created in the image and likeness of God. Key teaching centers around John Paul II’s Theology of the Body and Love and Responsibility.

12239233_1001192239944561_3108675949294018830_oThe Choice of Today: The Sexual Crisis
This workshop dives into the sexualized culture young people face today and brings light to the beauty our Church offers regarding authentic human love. Key topics include: chastity, abortion, contraception, pornography, and Theology of the Body.

Feminism in the Modern World: True Femininity
This workshop is eye opening for all as it brings light to the issue of feminism confronting women in their earliest years with the crisis of self identity. As men and women created equally in the image and likeness of God, this workshop will bring into conversation modern issues of feminism and the rich teaching of the Church, which speak distinctly to the gifts women offer to the world through the feminine genius.

Parents: Navigating the Sexual Landscape of the Millennial Generation
This presentation walks through the hypersexualized culture youth face through abortion, contraception, sex outside of marriage, homosexuality, and pornography. We will look at how parents can begin preparing the future generations for healthy and safe sexuality that is ordered toward authentic selfless love through the virtue of chastity.

Parents: Porn Proofing Your Home for Authentic Love
By the age of twelve 51% of boys and 32% of girls first view pornography. This presentation walks through the impact of pornography on our culture and how to begin teaching children how to think and take control of their passions. Timmerie will focus on enabling parents to create a healthy and safe sexual environment for the future generations from a young age.

Mother Daughter Femininity Talk
This talk provides a look into what it means to be a woman for both mothers and daughters. Femininity from a Catholic perspective is presented in a way that shows the importance of allowing who you are to come forth in every aspect of your life whether you’re 13 or 45.

12362717_1015711225159329_2281869827235678871_oFact – Contraception Meet My Catholic Faith
This talk dives into the impact of contraception first on a natural biochemical level of the woman’s health and how it impacts her social environment. Second it bringing to light the rewarding transcendent teaching of the Church on contraception that is often misunderstood.

Dignity and Human Action
This talk touches on the inherent idea of human dignity and its integration on a basic human level. People are created with free will and the ability to direct themselves to their final end as persons created in the image and likeness of God. This talk challenges all to understand the value of human life and the ever great need to pursue a life of truth and faith.

Why Pro-Life: Abortion 101
This workshop explores the dignity of human life to help you better articulate your pro-life position from the perspective of both the baby and the mother. Here will be discussed fetal development and what takes place in the abortion industry. This is an opportunity to understand the fundamentals of abortion and bring solid and compassionate talking points into your conversations whether with a friend who disagrees or with someone facing a crisis pregnancy.

12022368_980541262009659_1651504843771571618_oThe Abortion Industry
This workshop gives an indepth look at the roots of the abortion industry to better understand what abortion is and how it impacts the culture to how to better engage in conversation on the topic.

Other Presentation Topic Suggestions:

  • dignity of the human person
  • fetal development
  • abortion methods
  • abortion rhetoric
  • affects on woman: physically and emotionally
  • the body and chastity
  • homosexulaity
  • called to be missionaries in the Catholic Church
  • how you can defend life
  • loving myself as God loves me
  • social media and faith/morals

“The presentation was both interactive and engaging. Timmerie was friendly, on-topic and remarkably professional for such a young woman… The Catechists and students of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Middle School Faith Formation would recommend Miss Timmerie to any professional or church group seeking to inspire and enlighten their members.” Mrs. Kimberly Hasenstab, Coordinator of Middle School Faith Formation Our Lady of Mount Carmel