“Timmerie Millington made it look easy, but it’s clear this bright, charming young woman was focused and well-prepared for her appearance on our program. Unpacking thorny cultural and theological issues with clarity and good humor, Timmerie’s naturalness put us all at ease and surely touched many hearts in the process.”

Lisa Mladinich Host, WOMAN: Strong Faith, True Beauty
Shalom World Television

“Whether she is on the air, or lighting up a live audience, Timmerie Millington is a natural communicator of the gospel without compromise: professional, faith-filled, and articulate.”

Patrick Coffin Host, The Patrick Coffin Show



“Always insightful, Timmerie’s presentation brought the knowledge of a scholar and the passion of an artist to a topic much misunderstood today.”

Nate B., Theology on Tap Silicon Valley Coordinator

“I would pick Timmerie, her talk was so interesting. I have been told all my life to wait to have sex until marriage but never given a reason. Timmerie explained the science behind it all, and now it makes more sense to me. I am glad I met her before I left for college.”  

Student at The Academy of Our Lady of Peace

“Powerful and Inspiring.” These are just two of many words that describes Timmerie’s presentation of “The Choice of Today: The Sexual Crisis” at the University Catholic Conference of California 2016.  She spoke with incredible passion to over 70 college students about the realities of the sexual crisis in the world today. She not only touched the hearts of the students, she inspired them to speak out and realize that the sexual crisis is huge and action needs to be done.  Quoted from a male student after hearing her talk, “I now know why I attended this conference.” Timmerie is an amazing speaker, and I would highly recommend her to any group looking for a speaker that will change the hearts of those who hear her.

Hannah Addington, Program Coordinator: University Catholic Conference of California

“The presentation was both interactive and engaging. Timmerie was friendly, on-topic and remarkably professional for such a young woman… The Catechists and students of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Middle School Faith Formation would recommend Miss Timmerie to any professional or church group seeking to inspire and enlighten their members.”

Mrs. Kimberly Hasenstab, Coordinator of Middle School Faith Formation Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Timmerie Millington speaks with clarity, precision and passion. She has a gift of breaking down difficult theological concepts in an insightful and intriguing way. I am certain her words will touch the hearts of many of our viewers. It was truly a blessing to have her on our show!
Carrell Jamilano, Spiritual Director and Co-host for Shalom World TV