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True Feminism is Not Planned Parenthood

Over the last several weeks Planned Parenthood has been exposed in multiple situations illegally selling aborted babies.  You can watch and listen first hand as the negotaitions are made that work to sidestep how the financial benefit appears on paper and to the public. Undercover investigators are taken into the room where aborted babies are stored […]

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Miracle of Twins

We are thrilled by a kick and in awe over an ultrasound picture.   This week a video went viral that a French nurse posted of twin babies being bathed with a new technique.  People are in awe over the love expressed by the twins as they cling to eacher like they are yet again in the womb.   Mothers and […]

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HHS – A Catholic Woman’s Perspective

This video of Gloria Purvis speaking shows the HHS Mandate of contraception, sterilization, and abortion inducing drugs from a woman's perspective and points out how demeaning the mandate is to a woman's dignity. The video has fantastic points that should be discussed and emphasiszed when addressing the HHS Mandate. Please comment sharing what stood out to […]

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Come and follow Me, and I will give you peace.

Guest blog by 18 year old Sarah Durling It was January 22 2011, the day of the Walk for Life West Coast! That was the day that started it all. About a week before the walk, I started doubting that Campus Life Tours was my calling. After the Walk for Life, a few friends and […]

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Give 40 Days to Save a Life

Would you say yes to doing something if you knew it would save a life? Nearly two years ago to the day, at a Mass marking the anniversary of the Supreme Court decision of Roe v Wade, I was asked to run a 40 Days for Life campaign for the fall of 2010. I was […]

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The Masterpiece of Fetal Development

Have you ever really looked at how beautiful the development of the human in the womb is? I encourage you to watch this brief video and share it with those who may not be aware of the child’s development before birth. Surprisingly, many people were never taught about this.  For the Dignity of the Born […]

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Where the Pro-Life Leaders of Tomorrow are Born

This is a guest post by Claudia Gutierrez age 17 from Napa, California This Veteran’s Day Weekend, I had the privilege of attending the first International Pro-Life Youth Conference. I heard pro-life leaders from all over the world encourage us to follow in their footsteps and set the world ablaze with the pro-life message. Prior […]