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Survivors Celebrate Mother’s Day by saving 3 babies

I wondered how many women walking into the abortion clinic would still be a mother to a living, breathing, and moving child inside the womb tomorrow.  Would it be a happy Mother’s Day for all?   Three babies are still breathing and safely growing inside their mothers’ wombs because the volunteer efforts of over thirty […]

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ALERT: Historic Vote To De-Fund Planned Parenthood

An historic vote will take place Thursday April 14, 2011.  The Senate will decide whether or not to de-fund Planned Parenthood of more than $363 million dollars in annual funding — which is payed for with your tax dollars.   Whether you are pro-abortion or pro-life we can all agree that our country is broke […]

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Unplanned Chapter 11, ‘The Boardroom’

During this chapter the true roots of the pro-abortion movement are shown, not the mask of ‘a woman’s right to choose’ or concern for ‘women’s health’ which pro-abortion advocates claim as their mission. During meetings regarding Planned Parenthood abortion clinic at the affiliate office, Abby Johnson and other clinic directors were told it was time […]