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Pope John Paul II — Advent & Christmas

Pope John Paul II in his address on Dec. 18, 2002 said: “The liturgy of Advent…helps us to understand fully the value and meaning of the mystery of Christmas. It is not just about commemorating the historical event, which occurred some 2,000 years ago in a little village of Judea. Instead, it is necessary to […]

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Teen Counsels Pregnant Women in Cyberspace

Today’s guest post is by Laura Peredo Sometimes it feels like the world is going in a fast-forward mode. We’re all so busy, it’s hard as a pro-lifer to find the time to get out and help save lives. We all want to be there for the mothers and babies in need, but with only […]

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TWEET THAT! Score #10forTebow

This season NFL quarterback Tim Tebow has been racking up scores of points for the Broncos. While this is very exciting for him and all his fans, pro-abortion proponents have turned it into something rather unfavorable . . . Since Tim Tebow is outspokenly pro-life and has the power to reach millions of people; abortion […]

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A Beautiful Quote

I’m in the middle of finals this week, so I probably will not be posting this week. However, this is a beautiful quote that I have to share: “Every year, there are literally millions of children silently crying out and begging for somebody to help them, somebody to give them mercy. And we have to […]

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Profits from Popular Christmas Flowers Pay for Abortions

Planned Parenthood is once again raking in the money from everyday people, even during the Christmas season. The festive poinsettia plants that are used to decorate churches and homes over the Christmas season are helping to fund Planned Parenthood. Paul Ecke Ranch, the world’s largest distributor of poinsettias, is a large benefactor of Planned Parenthood. […]

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Inspired to Speak, Are you?

Every Thanksgiving I spend a portion of my day going through my entire contacts list to tell those dear to me “Happy Thanksgiving”. As I went from A to Z sending text messages and emails I clicked on Kortney Blythe Gordon’s name and started to type . . . Then I remembered Kortney and baby […]

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Having a Voice in The Global Community — From the IPYC

During the International ProLife Youth Conference (IPYC) there was one speech that stood out in particular to me. First, because of the eloquence of it’s delivery and second because of the dynamic articulation of how Timothy Herrmann delivered the pro-life position. This is something I believe all of us could practice, especially when dialoging with those of power who may disagree with the […]

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Where the Pro-Life Leaders of Tomorrow are Born

This is a guest post by Claudia Gutierrez age 17 from Napa, California This Veteran’s Day Weekend, I had the privilege of attending the first International Pro-Life Youth Conference. I heard pro-life leaders from all over the world encourage us to follow in their footsteps and set the world ablaze with the pro-life message. Prior […]

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International ProLife Youth Conference Day 2

Couldn’t make it? No worries, you can still take the knowledge and tools that were given. . .   Warwick Pascoe – Making of a Masterpiece If people understood how beautiful the masterpiece of human beings is, they would value life so much more. Warwick Pascoe opened his talk with this question, “Has anyone ever […]

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International ProLife Youth Conference Day 1

As the first day of the International ProLife Youth Conference (IPYC) comes to a close, over 300 young people from across the world are going to sleep energized about the pro-life work they have been activated to participate in. The speakers and panelists have done an incredible job of truly inspiring the next generation to […]