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#Draw the Line Elizabeth Banks

The Center for Reproductive Rights is promoting the campaign ‘Draw the Line’ which encourages anyone in favor of reproductive freedom to step out of the sidelines to share their story and create awareness for reproductive rights.   A series of videos are published on the website where actresses such as Elizabeth Banks, Amy Brenneman, Mercedes Mason, […]

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Women’s Event Saturday in San Diego

A quick reminder that this Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. will be the following event for women age 18-25.   This event will shed light on nutrition, her bio-chemical makeup, depression, anxiety, and fertility. Come ready to learn from these brief presentations and to ask your questions during the panel discussion.

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Action Alert: Does your university’s health care pay for abortions?

Are your tax dollars paying for abortion through student financial aid such as the Pell Grant? A recent study conducted by Students for Life of America reveals that 45.5% of university health care plans pay for students to have abortions.  Not only in crisis pregnancy cases, but a student may obtain an abortion for any […]