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41 Years to Go?

I wonder if 41 years from now, as I venture into old age, if today will mark the 82nd anniversary of Roe v. Wade — the supreme court decision legalizing abortion through all nine months of a woman’s pregnancy in the United States. I wonder if the many marches will continue in 2055. Will hope […]

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Miracle of Twins

We are thrilled by a kick and in awe over an ultrasound picture.   This week a video went viral that a French nurse posted of twin babies being bathed with a new technique.  People are in awe over the love expressed by the twins as they cling to eacher like they are yet again in the womb.   Mothers and […]

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The Masterpiece of Fetal Development

Have you ever really looked at how beautiful the development of the human in the womb is? I encourage you to watch this brief video and share it with those who may not be aware of the child’s development before birth. Surprisingly, many people were never taught about this.  For the Dignity of the Born […]

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Kortney Blyth Gordon an Inspiration

Last night the pro-life movement lost a wonderful person. Kortney Blythe Gordon (Student’s for Life’s Field Director) and her 21 week old unborn child were killed in a head on collision traveling home from a Students for Life conference. One person in the vehicle that hit them died, another Students for Life leader Jon Scharfenberger […]

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Created Equal Video "People Don’t Know’

Checkout this short video put together by Created Equal after they spent the day doing show the truth outreach about abortion. For the Dignity of the born and unborn, Timmerie Millington

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Celebrate Life and Support Mothers

The day before Mother’s Day, abortion clinics are still open and thousands of women across the country will enter an abortion clinic a mother and then walk away as the mother of a child who will never live to talk, sing, dance, play sports or enjoy life. As Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust we know […]

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Harmonizing Mother Earth & Baby in the Womb

Last week, for the 5th consecutive year, I  joined over 30 Survivors from all over southern California to stand for the sanctity of human life in the womb at Earth Fair in San Diego.  This fair is the largest environmental fair in the world, which takes place on the Sunday before Earth Day, on April […]

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Unplanned Chapter 12, ‘A Holy Rush’

I found reading this chapter ironic because throughout the day I had a number of conversations triggered by Bryan Kemper’s recent blog discussing whether or not hearts can be changed to understand abortion as wrong without Christ being the center of this conversation.   After participating in and watching an ultrasound guided abortion (see my […]

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Unplanned Chapter 10, ‘The Hurricane’

This chapter was pretty short, but the two points that stand are: 1. Abortions are extremely profitable, especially later in the pregnancy. 2. Abby is horrified by late term abortions after the point of viability, around 21 weeks. As I read further into this chapter, Planned Parenthood affiliate of Louisiana and Texas (totalling 12 clinics) […]

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Unplanned Chapter 9, ‘Irreconcilable Difference’

For abortion or against abortion?   Abortion is okay at six weeks, but not at 22 weeks?  Throughout this chapter Abby shares about an inner and outer battle with her pro-abortion stance.  Whether aware at the time or not Abby would pick and choose when abortion was not okay, and when excuses were made to […]