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Catholic Around the World

Sometimes we have this idea that America is the only place in the world. As young Catholics we forget there are other people in different countries who speak different languages, but are Catholic. They stand for the same exact things Catholics in the US stand for! Do you ever feel alone, like the only person […]

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Come and follow Me, and I will give you peace.

Guest blog by 18 year old Sarah Durling It was January 22 2011, the day of the Walk for Life West Coast! That was the day that started it all. About a week before the walk, I started doubting that Campus Life Tours was my calling. After the Walk for Life, a few friends and […]

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Inspired to Speak, Are you?

Every Thanksgiving I spend a portion of my day going through my entire contacts list to tell those dear to me “Happy Thanksgiving”. As I went from A to Z sending text messages and emails I clicked on Kortney Blythe Gordon’s name and started to type . . . Then I remembered Kortney and baby […]

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Kortney Blyth Gordon an Inspiration

Last night the pro-life movement lost a wonderful person. Kortney Blythe Gordon (Student’s for Life’s Field Director) and her 21 week old unborn child were killed in a head on collision traveling home from a Students for Life conference. One person in the vehicle that hit them died, another Students for Life leader Jon Scharfenberger […]