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Abortion is legal through . . .

I’ve always been very surprised to find that the majority of people don’t know when abortion is legal till.  Take the poll below and let’s see what people think.  I’ll comment some time next week with the answer.   <a href=””>In the United States abortion is legal through</a> Standing In Defence of the Voiceless, Timmerie […]

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New Facebook Page

Hey Everyone, I just created a Facebook page for my blog.  Check it out and be sure to “Like” it. Timmerie’s Blog Facebook Page If you haven’t read my latest blog yer, check it out: ‘Summer 2011 Update’ Standing In Defence of the Voiceless, Timmerie Millington

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Unplanned Chapter 14, ‘The Wrong Side of the Fence’

Abby is only a few days away from leaving her position as Director at Planned Parenthood and finds herself struggling while in the building where lives are taken. . . “I looked into the waiting room and saw clients with sad lives waiting their turn for our help, and wondered if each of them was […]

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Pro-Life Updates – Ron Paul, Notre Dame, Susan G. Komen . . .

Below are a few of the major pro-life stories of the week. Stay informed and share your thoughts on the issues, please! Strong Pro-Life Presidential Candidate: Ron Paul says “A: As an O.B. doctor of thirty years, and having delivered 4,000 babies, I can assure you life begins at conception. I am legally responsible for […]

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Weekly ProLife Updates – Conscience Protections, Autism & Vaccines . . .

Below are a few of the big stories in the pro-life movement this week.  Stay informed and share your thoughts on the issue please! Conscience Protections No More!  Pro-life hospitals and medical practitioners will be forced to be involved in IVF and the dispensing of contraceptives.  Read update from Jill Stanek. Autism linked to aborted […]

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Survivors Celebrate Mother’s Day by saving 3 babies

I wondered how many women walking into the abortion clinic would still be a mother to a living, breathing, and moving child inside the womb tomorrow.  Would it be a happy Mother’s Day for all?   Three babies are still breathing and safely growing inside their mothers’ wombs because the volunteer efforts of over thirty […]

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Harmonizing Mother Earth & Baby in the Womb

Last week, for the 5th consecutive year, I  joined over 30 Survivors from all over southern California to stand for the sanctity of human life in the womb at Earth Fair in San Diego.  This fair is the largest environmental fair in the world, which takes place on the Sunday before Earth Day, on April […]

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Defeat, No Truth Has Been Told

Some may say that all the hard work to de-fund Planned Parenthood came to nothing when the Senate voted against the bill to strip Planned Parenthood of their $363 million in annual funding, but this isn’t the end of the fight.  I can tell you Planned Parenthood’s victory email more than hurt, but this isn’t […]

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Unplanned Chapter 13, ‘Inside Out’

In this chapter Abby Johnson took one last interview as a Planned Parenthood employee before she left the clinic.  While Abby no longer supported the Planned Parenthood ideology, just prior to leaving her position as clinic director, she had a scheduled radio interview discussing the “anti-choice extremists” who participate in 40 Days for Life.  Abby […]

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Unplanned Chapter 12, ‘A Holy Rush’

I found reading this chapter ironic because throughout the day I had a number of conversations triggered by Bryan Kemper’s recent blog discussing whether or not hearts can be changed to understand abortion as wrong without Christ being the center of this conversation.   After participating in and watching an ultrasound guided abortion (see my […]