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Statement on Komen and Planned Parenthood Funding

Pro-Life Statement, Priests For Life on the Susan G. Komen Foundation and Planned Parenthood: Today the Susan G. Komen Foundation made an announcement that appears as if they have reversed themselves on funding of Planned Parenthood.  It is unclear at this time if they have in fact reversed themselves.  What we know has happened this week was […]

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Thank Komen

Yesterday Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the largest breast cancer organization, announced they are ceasing all funding to Planned Parenthood through donations and grants. This is big news for pro-lifers who have continuously pointed out and protested the shocking affiliation between Komen and Planned Parenthood given that abortion significantly increases a woman’s risk of […]

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California Pro-Lifers Try Again for Parental Notice on Abortion

My Most recent article on Signatures are currently being gathered to put Parental Notification on the 2012 November ballot for the fourth time in California. In 2008 Parental Notification’s Proposition 4 lost by a very small percentage, 52% to 48%. Parental notification proponents are back this year in full force, but this time they […]

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Come and follow Me, and I will give you peace.

Guest blog by 18 year old Sarah Durling It was January 22 2011, the day of the Walk for Life West Coast! That was the day that started it all. About a week before the walk, I started doubting that Campus Life Tours was my calling. After the Walk for Life, a few friends and […]

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A Civil Rights Legacy: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Dr. Martin Luther King

Guest blog by 16 year old Maddie Lopez It was the beginning of the second semester, and we all had just gotten back from Christmas break. I sat there in my fourth period class – U.S. History. It was the worst class to have in the middle of the day, especially with the teacher I […]

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We are fast approaching 40 years of Nationalized Abortion, as this Sunday, January 22, marks the 39th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton, Supreme Court decisions, which respectively repealed any state restrictions of abortion and granted women the right to abortion through their entire 9 months of pregnancy. In that time […]

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ProLife Presidential Forum

“In the Catholic tradition, responsible citizenship is a virtue; participation in the political process is a moral obligation.” — Faithful Citizenship, A Catholic Call to Political Responsibility I challenge you as a Catholic to take up your role as members of the body of Christ and to answer the Unites States Catholic Conference of Bishop’s call […]

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Roe v Wade Events

“Will we march only to the music of time, or will we, risking criticism and abuse, march to the soul-saving music of eternity?”   ~ Martin Luther King, Jr., Strength to Love, 1963 ~ It’s hard to believe that January 22nd marks the 39th anniversary of a supreme court decision that changed our country forever. This decision […]

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Inside Out

Black vs White With horror we read in the Old Testament of the Bible about different periods in time where live children were killed under the rule of Pharaohs, kings, and various dictators. We look upon the people of ancient history with disgust for their audacious actions in mandating any form of killing innocent children. […]

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So, You Want to Elect A President

This is a guest blog by Louisa Millington The country is watching as state by state we search for the next President of the United States. Often times, without much coordinated thought, we struggle to apply the candidates positions, life styles, and record to our own value system. And while at times, each of the […]