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Unplanned Chapter 13, ‘Inside Out’

In this chapter Abby Johnson took one last interview as a Planned Parenthood employee before she left the clinic.  While Abby no longer supported the Planned Parenthood ideology, just prior to leaving her position as clinic director, she had a scheduled radio interview discussing the “anti-choice extremists” who participate in 40 Days for Life.  Abby […]

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"The Tide is Turning"

Checkout this encouraging video from Students for Life.  The next generation is stepping up and we are pro-life! Standing In Defence of the Voiceless, Timmerie Millington

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Profits from Popular Christmas Flowers are Paying for Abortions

Planned Parenthood is once again raking in the money from everyday people, even during the Christmas season. The festive poinsettia plants that are used to decorate churches and homes over the Christmas season are helping to fund Planned Parenthood. Paul Ecke Ranch, the world’s largest distributor of poinsettias, is a large benefactor of Planned Parenthood. […]