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Teen Perspective on Duck Dynasty

This is a guest post by my sister Jacqueline Millington.  She is an avid watcher of Duck Dynasty and really admires the families moral conviction.  Maybe this is why it quickly became one of the most popular shows on television . .  .   Phil Robertson of the hit reality TV series Duck Dynasty has […]


Life Death and Joy

Two years ago a dear friend and role model of mine died.  Her name was Kortney Blythe/Gordon.   Kortney was married in 2011 and soon became pregnant with a baby girl, Sophy.  She was a dear friend to many people in the pro-life movement. I met Kortney when I was thirteen.  I learned many things from her, […]


Miley: Stripped

When you hear the name Miley Cyrus, what is the first thing to come to mind?     Hannah Montana . . . Oh!  Wait . . . Nude.  Unflattering…  Tongue?     Miley Cyrus made headlines when she released the video for her song Wrecking Ball where she stripped bare for the camera.  Everyone […]


New Things to Come

Hey Everyone, Exciting new things are to come in the next few months! In the mean time, as I begin blogging again, I ask for your help . . . I have spent the last year in school learning, researching, and preparing for a more active blog that is for youth. This will include weekly […]


For Immediate Release: Thousands to Attend the San Diego Walk for Life in Balboa Park Today

  This morning beginning at 9:00 a.m. thousands from across California will gather for the first San Diego Walk for Life marking the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Contact: Timmerie Millington Media Coordinator, Walk for Life San Diego (619) 940-6826 cell (will be on-site to coordinate interviews) San Diego, CA, January 19, 2013 — […]


NARAL’s New President an Experienced Leader

  This week NARAL announced Ilyse Hogue as their new president. While Hogue admits to the pro-abortion side as loosing the fight when she literally said "We are losing", this woman is a powerhouse for the sinking pro-abortion organization. Why do I say this?  Hogue has an extensive background in politics, mobilizing people, raising money, […]


First San Diego Walk for Life this Weekend

San Diego’s First Walk for Life to Take Place this Weekend at 6th and Laurel, Balboa Park All are invited to participate January 19th in San Diego’s first Walk for Life celebrating the gift of life from conception to natural death. Contact: Timmerie Millington Media Coordinator, Walk for Life San Diego (619) 940-6826 cell (will […]


San Diego to Hold First Walk for Life

Wondering what I've been up to? Please join us in San Diego January 19th at Balboa Park! Ecumenical Pro-life advocates to walk in solidarity, marking the 40th’s anniversary of the Supreme Court decision Roe. v. Wade, at the first ever Walk for Life San Diego. San Diego, CA, January 7, 2013 — On Saturday January […]


Do We All Quit Wednesday?

The last few months have been some of the busiest months of some of our lives. For many, that’s due to the election. For others, school, family, and other duties have been stacking up. As the election gets closer, many of us find ourselves nervous and anxious about who will be our elected president on […]

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Humanae Vitae Part 3- Responsible Parenthood & Observing Natural Law

Finals are over and I have had some time to recoup after being sick during finals. What wonderful timing, but what can you do? Life goes on and I am up and running again. So, here we go continuing to look at what the Catholic Church has to say about how birth is to be […]