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Humanae Vitae Part 1 – Is birth to be controlled?

As some of you may already be aware, I’ve decided to focus my upcoming blog posts on the issue of artificial contraception. This is not to focus on the HHS mandate or religious liberty but on the dignity of the human body and how our health physically, psychologically, and spiritually can be effected by artificial […]


Will the Democratic Platform be ProLife?

After years of an unwavering pro-life position some in the deomcratic party are pushing for changes to the democratic platfrom which would allow for variation in the pro-life position. . .  See my most recent blog on the topic at ProLife Secular. 


FBI Visits Home of ProLife Advocate

Andy Moore and Newborn SonThe FBI has payed a house visit to Andy Moore, a pro-life friend of mine who is an immigrant from New Zealand. The FBI agents were peaceful during the visit, but asked very personal questions and implied illegal behavior that could lead to Andy's separation from his wife and newborn son. […]


Oh Freedom Where Art Thou

This morning the Supreme Court announced their decision to uphold the Health Care law as a mandated tax. This is the largest expansion of abortion since Roe v Wade, and the battle has just begun (read my statement on Pro-Life Secular). . . The U.S. Catholic Conference of Bishops has called on the faithful to […]


Action Alert: Gender Selection Abortion in Congress

        ALERT tomorrow there will be a vote in congress concerning sex selective abortions. The latest Live Action video which shows Planned Parenthood helping a woman discriminate against female children in the womb with Medicaid assistance:   . Please call and email your congress members. Message to Congress: VOTE “YES” ON H.R. […]


Medicaid Funding and Sex Selective Abortion

The latest undercover video by Live Action has been released. A Planned Parenthood worker in Texas advises a woman on how to receive Medicaid funds to wait out the pregnancy to find out what gender the baby is. The undercover woman expresses she would abort if the child in female. . .    For the […]


Doctors Said to Abort Alyssa

  Last year, 16 year old, Alyssa Marie contacted me via Facebook asking for help! She was seeking information to show her friends about how unhealthy it is to be taking the pill. She was really worried about her friends and wanted to help as her Catholic faith compels her to do so. I worked […]


CA – Nurses and Midwives One Step Closer to Performing Abortions

       Yesterday the Senate Public Safety Committee passed SB 1338 which would allow for non-doctors (i.e. midwives, nurses, and physician assistants) to perform abortions (read more here). The bill was passed by majority with Democrat party approval and Republicans voting no. Thursday April 26, the Senate Business and Professions Committee will vote to move forward […]


Midwives to Perform Abortions? ACTION Alert: Stop CA Senate from Allowing Non-Doctors to Perform Abortions

We will not be good men who do nothing.  Tuesday the California Senate’s Economic Development Committee intends to vote on SB 1338 which, if passed, would allow midwives, nurses, and physician assistants to perform first trimester abortions.  Midwives who help bring life into the world would be the same women who could keep a child […]


Catholic Radio San Diego – Truth Speaks

Hey Everyone, Being back at John Paul the Great Catholic University has kept me very busy, and I can hardly believe the quarter is almost over. I'm getting back into the swing of things and blogs will be posted on a regular bases coming next week.  Today I went to the launch of Immaculate Heart […]