2017 Speaking Schedule

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Bible Study – San Diego, CA

March 28 Sacred Heart Church – Los Angelus, CA

March 30 Notre Dame High School – Riverside,CA

April 26 Theology on Tap Silicon Valley – Santa Clara, CA

April 27 Elevate – Riverside, CA

May 11 Elevate – Riverside, CA

July 9-15 – Vox Vitae ProLife Youth Camp – Alhambra, CA

July 9-15 – Vox Vitae Adult Formation Evening Series – Alhambra, CA

July 30-August 5 – Vox Vitae ProLife Youth Camp – Orange County, CA

August 5 – Singles for Christ Conference – Ontario, CA

August 19 – Elevate Immaculate Heart Radio Conference – San Diego, CA

October 3 & 10 – Corpus Christi Parish – San Diego, CA

November 10 & 11 – Rise Conference – Santa Clara, CA

January 20, 2018 – San Diego Walk for Life – San Diego, CA

Host Timmerie to speak in 2017 or 2018




6h Culture of Life Family Services

14th San Rafael Rancho Bernardo 

18th Saint Marks San Marcos

20th Saint Marks San Marcous


1st Most Holy Trinity El Cajon

2nd Our Lady of Mount Carmel San Diego 

3rd Our Lady of Mount Carmel San Diego 

4th Our Lady of Mount Carmel San Diego 

8th Most Holy Trinity El Cajon

14th University Catholic Conference of California 

21st Saint Ritas San Diego

21st Saint Gregory the Great San Diego



23rd Stevens Leadership Fellowship 


7th Life Choices Pregnancy Resource Center & San Raphael San Diego 

22nd University of San Diego (USD) L.I.F.E. Week 



5th Goretti Group San Diego, CA 




12th MC at Life Choices 30th Anniversary: Meet the Man Behind the Undercover Planned Parenthood Videos: David Daleiden (Buy tickets)

19th San Diego Diocese

19th Our Lady of Mount Carmel San Diego 


Vox_Vitae_Save_the_Date1st-5th Vox Vitae’s Catholic Pro-Life Youth Day Camp 


Our Lady of Mount Carmel — January 8

San Rafael — January 15

St. Marks San Marcos —  January 19

St. Agness — January 26

San Rafael Rancho Bernardo — January 29

Diocese of San Diego Youth Minister Training – February 19

Retreat at Young Life Camp Oakridge — March 7

Sacred Heart Coronado — March 21

Catholic Radio Setting Things Right — March 25

St. Brigids —  April 21

San Rafael — April 23

Sacred Heart — April 26

Mother Daughter Retreat put on by Goretti Group — May 2

San Diego Diocese Conference — September 2015

Corpus Christi Parish Bonnita October

Saint Peter’s Chaldean Mom’s Group — November 10 

Corpus Christi Parish Bonnita – December 

Saint Ritas – December 



USD L.I.F.E Week – April 4

Diocese of San Diego – September 18

Saint Mark’s – November 1 

Juventud Catolica/ Encuentro de Jovenes – Imperial Beach 

Our Lady of Mount Carmel – Ranch Penasquitos 

Ascension – San Diego

Our Lady of Perpetual Help – Lake Side


Saint Rita’s Catholic Church and School San Diego

Couples for Christ – Scripps Ranch 

Saint Michael’s Catholic Church and School Poway

Press Conference on the Supreme Court Decision Regarding Marriage – San Diego Courthouse 

Saint Peter’s Mom’s Group – El Cajon

The Gorettin Group – Little Itally San Diego

Saint Mark’s Catholic Church – San Marcos.


Knights of Columbus Clergy Dinner – San Francisco 

Theology on Tap –  Diocese of San Diego

Saint Michael’s Catholic Church and School, Poway

Our Lady of Mount Carmel – Ranch Penasquitos 

Life Choices Newsletter

Timmerie Millington Speaks at Religous Liberty Rally June 2012 —  Orange County, CA

Timmerie Millington: Stand Up for Religious Freedom: Orange County (June 8, 2012) from Michael Spahr on Vimeo.

Religious Liberty Rally 2012Timmerie Millington Speaks at Religous Liberty Rally March & October 2012 —  San Diego, CA

Pro-Life Activist Timmerie Millington Launches Blog to Reach Catholic Youth on Issues Concerning Their Faith

Timmerie’s Blog is focussed on becoming a resource that informs and activates Catholic youth on a quest to be part of the culture of life.

San Diego, California September 1, 2012 — Timmerie Millington, a 20 year old Catholic young woman and pro-life activist, has launched her blog focussed on reaching Catholics of high school and college age to inform and activate them to live their Catholic faith daily in an effort to promote a culture of life.

Timmerie is reaching out to young people by blogging about pop-culture and social issues that pose great challenges to Catholic morality. Today young people are faced with serious and very controversial issues surrounding the dignity of human life from abortion to same sex marriage.

Youth continue to see the human body devalued and Catholics are encouraged to push their morality aside to be okay with homosexual behavior, sex outside of marriage, and abortion as a means to controlling when one has a child.

Growing up a dancer Timmerie was exposed to much of this and had to learn how to respond to others in a loving way that still preserved harmony when dealing with the sensitive topics that young people are faced with.

Through her blog Timmerie will blog and produce video blogs engaging Catholic youth to know, understand, and live the Church’s teaching to help bring back the culture of life where human beings’ lives are respected and protected from the moment of conception to natural death.

When interviewed Timmerie shared, “I am a college student like many of you and I want to share with you the freedom of living the Catholic faith in all aspects of life. It is my hope that we will take on this journey together of raising ourselves and others to see the sanctity of life.”

Timmerie’s Blog will continue to work with young people in an effort to help others see the dignity of human life through loving education so they can live their lives rooted in loving Catholic Morality. For in the New Testament Christians are challenged, “Let us be concerned for each other, to stir a response in love and good works” ~ Heb 10:24~

About Timmerie Millington:

Timmerie is 20 years old and has grown up working in the pro-life movement since before she was in grade school. From working on local projects in her diocese to lobbying on both state and national level. She has worked on the front lines of the pro-life movement through sidewalk counseling and education of abortion and chastity to youth groups. Timmerie has been involved in a broad range of pro-life work from being a national spokesperson to organizing Walk for Life Youth Rally for the 60,000 person Walk for Life. Currently Timmerie attends John Paul the Great University and works as the Director of Education and Outreach at Life Choices, a pregnancy resource center in San Diego and coordinates new media campaigns for Culture of Life Family Services.


Timmerie Millington, Blogger and ProLife Activist

(909) 496-9812




Timmerie on EWTN’s Life on the Rock in 2011 as the coordinator of Walk for Life Youth Rally (at 35 minutes):

The San Francisco Appeal

Timmerie a featured on EWTN’s Life on the Rock while working with Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust in 2011: 

St. Therese of Carmel – Carmel Valley 

Saint Mark’s Catholic Church – San Marcos. 

Life News Article

Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church – Lake Arrowhead 


The Voice Magazine