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Tattoo Artist to Monk

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Girls: From a Flower to a Bomb

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Model Charlotte Dawson -- To Choose

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Inspired to Speak, Are you?

Every Thanksgiving I spend a portion of my day going through my entire contacts list to tell those dear to me “Happy Thanksgiving”. As I went from A to Z sending text messages and emails I clicked on Kortney Blythe Gordon’s name and started to type . . . Then I remembered Kortney and baby Sophy are no longer with us . . .


For those of you who do not follow my blog: Kortney was a dear friend of mine who died in a tragic car accident that took the life of her 21 week old unborn baby and another pro-life hero named Jon Scharfenberger. Kortney dedicated her life to defending the unborn, and educating others across the country to do the same (read my blog about her work and what an inspiration she is).

As I very suddenly remembered that Kortney died in a car accident, my heart broke. I sat mourning the loss of such a wonderful person, and once again the question I’ve asked over and over again came to mind: “Why? Why Kortney? She did so much when many people do nothing.” Babies are dying daily by the thousands, and millions of people are apathetic. Even those who are “pro-life”. Many don’t stand firm to their “pro-life” convictions, some won’t say a word when their friend is considering having an abortion, and others are not willing to let go of even a little bit of free time to defend life.

Kortney was in her mid 20s, just married, and had her first little baby on the way. Her life was short, but my gosh did she live a life in service to God. She inspired many beyond words, and into action. She may not be here to save babies and encourage others to do the same, but we have the inspiring memory of Kortney, along with the ability to do what she did. So, here are the questions I ask myself, and I challenge you to do the same:

Will I pray for an end to abortion?
Will I give whatever time I can to defend the unborn?
Will I always be there for anyone who is considering an abortion and who needs to talk?

In honor of Kortney, let’s say yes! Start with an hour a week, or even an hour a day! Give whatever you can. As Kortney once told me this work is so much bigger than us; it’s “God’s work” and “it’s our duty to help others”.

“Stand up for what you believe in even if you are standing alone”
~ Sophie Scholl ~


For the Dignity of the Born and Unborn,

p.s. Kortney’s life can still inspire us, I encourage you to read this blog about just one of my many experiences with her.


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Scared to Speak about Abortion

“When they deliver you up,
do not be anxious about how you are to speak or what you are to say; for
what you are to say will be given to you in that hour; for it is not
you who speak, but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you.” ~
Matthew 10:19-20

Never be afraid to speak the truth. . .

I’m currently taking a college level speech class at a community college in San Bernardino. Throughout the semester my teacher encouraged people to pick hot and controversial topics such as gay marriage and euthanasia for the upcoming persuasive speech. The teacher really wanted heart changing issues discussed. However, there was one topic she said we weren’t allowed to cover — abortion. Why? Because she said “No way someone is going to get up here and call me a baby killer.” My blood was literally boiling as she said this, and for three reasons:

1.  She was being biased, and discriminating against people who oppose abortion. (Did I mention she constantly encourages our class to go to Planned Parenthood for their ‘reproductive services’?)

2.  It enrages me when pro-lifers get out there and start screaming “baby killers” and “murders” because this does NOT open a gateway for dialogue that could change a heart. I’m pro-life and don’t even want to hear or talk to people who hoot and holler about “baby killers”.

3.  She scared — actually terrified — people out of speaking against abortion, when it can already be hard enough to talk about the issue in out present culture.

Furthermore, my teacher said that people could argue the pro-abortion position. What?!? Okay this just enraged me. I had no intention of doing a speech on abortion or anything even related to the topic, but her indoctrination and discrimination pushed me over the boiling point. I decided to dance around the topic of abortion and give a speech on something that would still have an impact on my class of 40 students, on the issue of abortion. For the last three weeks I have worked hours every single day researching and perfecting a speech on the abortion breast cancer (ABC) link.

I went into today’s class knowing full well that I could be marked down significantly just because of my topic, even though I wasn’t talking directly about abortion ending the life of an unborn child, but about how abortion greatly increases a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer since it stops the breast from further developing while at a cancer vulnerable stage. (Learn more here.)

Here is how it went, and I’ll share with you what stuck out the most to me today:

My teacher was the only one that knew the topic before hand, and when I handed her my grading sheet she was already acting rather cold, especially in comparison to her normal demeanor. I ignored it and prayed for the Holy Spirit to speak through me, and began my speech. Throughout the speech the class was very attentive and responsive. My teacher made mean faces, had her arms crossed, and shook her head nearly the entire time. Did she make me nervous? Heck yes! But I kept going and I refused to let her silence the truth of the subject. When I sat down in my chair my heart was still racing uncontrollably and I was shaking.

I’m embarrassed to say it, but I was literally terrified because of how she acted. I have only ever felt that way two times in my life. Once when a friend of mine was arrested for standing on a public sidewalk praying and passing out roses to mother’s walking into the abortion clinic and the second time when I myself was detained for speaking about abortion in a public area. My friend was put into jail over night and later fought a court battle, and won. I was kept for about 20 minutes then released because the police couldn’t find a reason to book me.

In the end, my point is that the teacher scared me so badly I literally felt exactly as I had when the police treated my friend and I as though we had done something horrible, and my life was in danger. Just like that day I was detained on the streets for having a peaceful conversation, someone (my teacher) scared me and bullied me in an effort to silence my voice from speaking on behalf of children in the womb.

I beg you, please don’t allow our pro-abortion culture to silence you. You can save lives and change hearts with your voice. Speak the truth and do not be afraid for this is God’s work and He will always take care of you.

For the Dignity of the Born and Unborn,


P.S. I had 5 people approach me after class wanting to know more, saying they were glad I covered the topic because they never would have known, and to say I delivered the issue well.

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The Masterpiece of Fetal Development

Have you ever really looked at how beautiful the development of the human in the womb is? I encourage you to watch this brief video and share it with those who may not be aware of the child’s development before birth. Surprisingly, many people were never taught about this. 

For the
Dignity of the Born and Unborn,

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Having a Voice in The Global Community — From the IPYC

During the International ProLife Youth Conference (IPYC) there was one speech that stood out in particular to me. First, because of the eloquence of it’s delivery and second because of the dynamic articulation of how Timothy Herrmann delivered the pro-life position. This is something I believe all of us could practice, especially when dialoging with those of power who may disagree with the pro-life message. The difference in effectiveness between running around hooting about baby murderers and having an intelectual conversation can win and loose people on both sides. Timothy Herrmann of C-FAM graciously shared with me the written version of his speech. It is my hope that you will read and truly study what he has to share.

Good afternoon to you all,

As mentioned, my name is Tim Herrmann and I work for C-FAM as their permanent UN Representative in New York. After the speech that our President Austin Ruse gave yesterday, I am sure you have a better understanding of our work.

One of the reasons they hired me is because, like you, I am young and passionate about life and have my ideals intact. I am only 25, and yet here I am, in close communication with the diplomatic elite everyday. On a day-to-day basis my job is really two fold. First, and most importantly, I am their eyes and ears on the UN floor. I do my best to catch any breaking news and to report on it back to C-FAM and then immediately to you, the public. I cover anything related to the international pro-life and pro-family agenda and focus on the UN. Secondly, I make friends with mission delegates and keep them informed on our issues. I mean that when I say it, my job is literally to make friends with UN delegates. In practice this means taking genuine interest not only in their country but also in developing a real relationship with them as people. But more about this later.

C-FAM believes in the importance of young people getting involved. This has always been part of our mission and over the years we have introduced thousands of people like you to the UN milieu.

The Edmund Burke fellowship, for example, is a program we designed to bring law students and select undergraduates into the heart of the UN. It is competitive, and those that are chosen are educated in the importance of the international debate at the United Nations. We normally bring them to UN conferences and give them first hand experience in important negotiations. The purpose is to bring young people into direct contact with the UN, and to give them experiences that prepare them for the future. Delegates really like to hear from young people and we are often more effective when it comes to getting their attention. We are a breath of fresh air. 

The fellowship was started over 4 years ago but this past year we also established the IYC for the exact same reason, to bring young people into the international life and family debate. Last year was designated the “International Year of Youth” by the UN and the IYC was born to encourage youth participation at the culminating conference they held last July. By signing up for the Friday Fax you will have a direct line to everything happening with the Edmund Burke Fellowship and the IYC. We have created an international community of young people interested in these issues and we want you involved. This is our way of helping you to have a voice in the global community, which is the topic of today’s discussion.

But what does it mean to have a voice in the global community, anyway?

About two weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet with the Third Committee delegate of the Sri Lankan Mission to the UN. The delegate began the conversation by asking me what I thought about the criminalization of abortion. Before giving him an immediate response, I asked him to explain to me why he asked. “Because”, he explained, “in Sri Lanka, abortion is illegal in all cases except for when the life of the mother is at risk. But it in practice, abortion in Sri Lanka is rampant, and the law is not respected.” At that point I asked another question, “Well, what do you think the purpose of a law is?” To that he responded, “The law is to prohibit others from doing what those in power have deemed to be unlawful.” “For me,” I told him, “the law is not meant to be an arbitrary tool of power. It is born first from a culture, and it is meant to be the affirmation of that culture’s beliefs.” “If the culture’s beliefs do not reflect the law it is because the culture has changed, and this is the real issue that must be addressed.”

Friends, even if we are successful in changing laws internationally, we know that the real issue is the culture we live in. Internationally, our way of understanding life is unpopular because it appears to be incapable of fully and concretely addressing the real life problems people face with real solutions. It seems unreasonable. It is not simply that people just disagree, but that they do not share our experience. For example, a pro-life law in a country like Sri Lanka is seen as futile because it does not represent their cultural experience, not because International Planned Parenthood Federation does a better marketing job. For many, the dissonance between a pro-life laws and cultural experience only confirms that our worldview is naïve and myopic.

In other words, to begin to turn the tide, we must show that our way of thinking is reasonable to others. That it really makes their lives better, makes them happier. This begins first and foremost with out own lives. This is the only way to move beyond ideology. If we see in our own lives that our position really answers our needs and the needs of others and is not just something want to believe despite our actual experience.
The delegate I mentioned was very impressed with the way I talked about the situation. In fact, his next question caught me off guard. He said, “you are Catholic correct?” I said, that I was. And he said, “but I have never met a Catholic like you.” And I said “well, I am not the only one like me, I can assure you. Our faith is reasonable. Many people think it isn’t but this is a misconception. We believe that our faith is a way of knowing all of reality, that it actually expands our capacity to reason and allows reason to take in all of the factors present, ignoring nothing. That is why I can respond the way I did to your question.” 

You see, we must not be afraid to be honest with the reality of the situations we face. Every moment, especially the difficult ones, is an opportunity for discovery. It is a chance to verify if what we have to say is true. Not just for others, but for us too. This is the only way we can be certain and it is the only way that in a world that isn’t certain of anything, we can become bastions of hope.

Our proposal for international society is more than just a law or a single issue. It does not start with abortion, but rather with the entire human person and his needs in front of the provocations of life. This is why we are attractive, because we know that the problem of abortion isn’t abortion itself, but life.

So keep the big picture in mind. We live in a culture that no longer understands how to meet its own needs, it has forgotten its humanity and what it is for. For us this is an opportunity because not knowing what the human being is made for is tiring. And people are tired. While they tire it is our opportunity to show them why we continue to thrive. Why we continue to build and live lives that are attractive. This is how a culture is converted and I believe this is what makes us relevant internationally.

For the
Dignity of the Born and Unborn,

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Where the Pro-Life Leaders of Tomorrow are Born

This is a guest post by Claudia Gutierrez age 17 from Napa, California

This Veteran’s Day Weekend, I had the privilege of attending the first International Pro-Life Youth Conference. I heard pro-life leaders from all over the world encourage us to follow in their footsteps and set the world ablaze with the pro-life message. Prior to attending this conference, I had not been setting the world ablaze—not even close. My pro-life work in those past couple weeks wouldn’t have even amounted to a spark! That is the danger of losing one’s momentum when it comes to activism; you can always find a reason NOT to do it!

Boy, was I in for an awakening when I sat down for the first speech at the conference. Before Lila Rose had even finished speaking, my soul had been reignited with the fire of pro-life activism, and I was raring to go. Her message about how you are never too young to make a difference as long as you get out there and make the effort really hit close to home. In Napa, California, I run my own pro-life club and my mind was racing with all of the new and exciting ideas for events I could hold with this club. I could not wait to go home and get to work sharing the pro-life message.

Throughout the weekend, I listened to each qualified and distinguished speaker with keen ears and bated breath. I was captivated by every one of them and felt compelled to act; my heart was moved so strongly. I was most intrigued by the Irish speakers, and not just because of their wonderful accents! The pro-life movement in Ireland is fascinating because, well, it was SUCCESSFUL! I had no idea that any countries in Europe were still anti-abortion, especially one as well-known as Ireland. Another encouraging aspect of their pro-life movement was that it was a YOUTH-movement! It was the young people of Ireland that kept abortion out of their country.

The speakers from Ireland’s pro-life organization, Youth Defence, detailed how it was a constant battle to keep abortion out of their country, what with there being pressure on all sides from the European Union and the United Nations. Even though they described their struggle as constant, it gave me hope, as an American, that one day we will be able to rid our country of the evil of abortion. It will undoubtedly be a long road ahead before we see abortion outlawed in America, but before we can even think of succeeding in the courts, we have to succeed on the streets, in the press, and ultimately in the hearts of the American people. We will have to work tirelessly and selflessly to follow in the footsteps of Ireland and make abortion unthinkable in our country—and in the whole world—by continuing to save babies and change hearts.

Being a defender of life is not a new premise, but it is still the most noble work one can perform. In fact, this quote from Elie Wiesel, a man of extraordinary courage in a time of great terror — the Jewish Holocaust — perfectly describes why we cannot simply sit back and watch while our brothers and sisters are the victims of injustice:

“I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.” 

It is by these words that I now live my life. Neutrality and silence are lethal—it is only through courage and by the light of God that we can end abortion. And it all starts with YOU making the choice to stand for what’s right—to stand for life. So, it is in this spirit of love for the unborn that I encourage you to read about the message of the International ProLife Youth Conference and I can guarantee that you too will be ready to set the world ablaze.

For the babies!


Read about the IPYC:
Day 1
Day 2

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International ProLife Youth Conference Day 2

Couldn’t make it? No worries, you can still take the knowledge and tools that were given. . .
Warwick Pascoe – Making of a Masterpiece

If people understood how beautiful the masterpiece of human beings is, they would value life so much more. Warwick Pascoe opened his talk with this question, “Has anyone ever told you that you are a masterpiece?”

No one argues whether or not the baby in this picture is human and whether or not it should be protected. Warwick gives presentations in schools, colleges, prisons, and in business settings all over New Zealand where he shows the beautiful masterpieces of the child developing in utero. Warwick teaches about fetal development in the hope of creating better understand of the masterpiece of human beings — even at the earliest stages of development in the womb.

There is no debate about what has been created in the womb. It is the value of what has been created which is debated. Therefore, respect the value of your own masterpiece and those of others. Help others to see the masterpiece of human development because every individual is a unique masterpiece.

Panel Forum: Advocating Life on Your Campus

Jeff White of Survivors (Moderator)
Kristina Garza of Survivors
Joe Langfeld of Human Life Alliance
Rebecca Roughneed of Youth Defence
Allison Aranda of Life Legal Defense Coalition

Kristina Garza, Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”
~ Mother Teresa ~

In 2006 Kristina ran into Survivors Campus Life Team, which does abortion education on college campuses, on her campus. She was handed a peice of literature that later led her to do something about abortion. Always pro-life, however apathetic, Kristina started to speak out against abortion because others were, and had reached out to her. Kristina said “You never know the seeds you’re planting.” No matter how much time you give, God will use you. It’s important that you at least do something!

Joe Langfeld, Human Life Alliance

“You’re prolife. So what? What are you going to do about it?” Joe Langfeld started his talk off with this challenge.

Human Life Alliance (HLA) reaches millions of high school and college students accross the country with their pro-life literature. HLA works hard to create materials that reach students where they’re at. Many students after reading the literature say “they would never have read it if they knew it was pro-life”. Thanks to fantastic marketing, HLA has created attention grabbing images which attract people to read their materials. With this in mind, Joe strongly reminded conference attendees to reach people where they’re at. Remember, what you’re marketing may not be appealing to you as a pro-lifer but it may be to someone who is not pro-life.

Joe reminded the young people present “Your beliefs will show up in your actions everywhere you go.” Joe shared that many years ago he quit a job when the political candidate he worked for decided to change his position on abortion to pro-abortion after formerly being pro-life… The politician acknowledged he knew abortion was wrong but for furthering his work he would change sides and support pro-abortion legislation.

Joe told an amazing story of a woman that contacted Joe after having received a piece of HLA literature two years prior. The young woman later used that literature to convince her own mother not to make her have an abortion, and her child is alive today because of it.

In closing Joe posed this challenge: “Think about doing something big and bold. What can reach the most people as possible?”

Rebecca Roughneen, Youth Defense

Rebecca, her comrades, and vigilant pro-lifers that came before her, have helped to maintain an Abortion Free Ireland! Rebecca considers the most important pro-life work to be that which is done on campuses reaching young women.

Rebecca recalls when a friend of hers in college became pregnant and traveled to Europe to obtain an abortion (in Ireland abortion is illegal). Rebecca regrets and feels bad for not speaking up to help her friend from aborting the child. After this experience Rebecca felt called to be active in the fight against abortion. Rebecca encourages everyone to at least give an hour a week to the pro-life movement because “every person here can end abortion!”

Several years ago, during a time of great political struggle to keep abortion illegal in Ireland, seven youth people took to the streets with images of aborted children and they coordinated constant prayer vigils and rallies. If those seven young people, 20 years ago in Ireland, had not stood up and fought against abortion, abortion would be legal today in Ireland. Ireland is abortion free to this day and it’s because people give whatever time they can to stand against the injustice of abortion of the babies.

Rebecca closed by saying, “It’s so easy to save babies. A lot of times, all it takes is you standing there in front of the abortion clinic praying.”

Allison Aranda, Attorney at Life Legal Defense Coalition

Life Legal Defense is willing to persevere in the long process to stand up for what is just and right and will work with pro-lifers who need help in legal cases. Allison shared her shock when years ago she heard of Survivors Campus Life Team and other people who were arrested for talking about abortion while standing on a public sidewalk. This made no sense to her and she was appalled! Soon there after, Allison went to checkout Survivors activism for the first time, only to be immediately surprised upon arrival, because the police were already at the clinic and were trying to arrest the group for holding signs on a public sidewalk and for writing with chalk “Choose Life” along with other pro-life messages. She was shocked because they weren’t doing anything wrong! She said, “Really, for using chalk that washes off?” Since then Allison has worked, with groups like Survivors, to educate pro-life activists and prayer warriors about their civil rights and how to defend those rights when erroneously challenged, even when the challenge comes from law enforcement.

Sometimes people will do whatever it takes just to keep your message from getting out into the community, and they are successful at times by just taking your signs or holding you in a police car for an hour. Don’t allow people of authority to bully you into not standing up for what you believe in! Unfortunately, there will always be an attempt to silence your pro-life work, just because of your message and not because you’re doing something wrong.

Jill Stanek, – New Media and Social Media:
The next HUGE pro-life frontier

Jill began by sharing about demographics of the present generation — Generation Y– (those born between 1982-2002). Jill explained that my generation is one of “Digital Natives” because we are so in tune with technology from texting, Facebook, Twitter, smart phones, and more. Considering the saviness of Generation Y, Jill encouraged conference participants to blog, and went on to share a little bit about how her own personal blog reaches thousands of people every single day. That’s a lot of people who can be influenced simply through utilizing technology and writing about abortion. (See Jill’s blogging tips given during the social/new media session on day 1.)

Jill is just one blogger and she reaches tons of thousands of people each day through her blog and by promoting them on Twitter and Facebook. You, as one pro-lifer, potentially have the power to reach as many people and more on the Internet as Barack Obama did during his 2008 presidential campaign when he spoke to a crowd of 200,000 in Berlin!

Perhaps you don’t want to blog, or don’t feel called to blog or social network about abortion. But you can take a few minutes a day (or whenever you have time) to comment online on blogs, or in discussions about abortion. There is much inaccurate information going around that you can help to clarify. Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign hired 400 full time bloggers to comment on articles and blogs everywhere online to help build up or defend Obama’s character in an effort to promote Obama’s candidacy.

Wondering where to get blogging content?

Google Alerts on aboriton, prolife, prochoice
Prolife and proaboriton twitter accounts
TV shows

Also, it’s important that you blog and promote during times of the day that will reach your audience in the largest numbers.

Freedom Riders

Throughout the conference various video clips and quotes of the civil rights movement were shared. Here is one that really stood out:

“He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. 
He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it” 
~ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. ~

Walter Hoye, Issues for Life Foundation

Walter shared about the genocide of his people, and that they will become an endangered species if the killing does not stop. Walter looked into the audience during his talk and said, “Maybe starting today with you, the pro-life movement can come together in love and unity to attack abortion on every front possible.”

In closing Walter reminded the youth in attendance that what has been learned at the conference is vital to ending abortion today. Walter hopes and prays that everyone will utilize and listen to the resources of the International ProLife Youth Conference.

Panel Forum: Advocating Life Internationally

Dr. Eoghan De Faoite of Youth Defence (Moderator)
Tim Herrmann of C-FAM
Ide Nic Mhathuna of Youth Defense
Andy Moore of ProLife Planet

120,000 babies aborted daily around the world.

Did you know that over 160,000 million sex selection abortions on girls
have taken place worldwide since 1978? We are fighting a global

Tim Herrmann, C-FAM

Bring students to join C-FAM for lobbying at the UN. International Youth Coalition (IYC)…
Tim said: “The real issue is the culture we live in. In order to turn the tide we have to show that our way of thinking is reasonable. In order for the pro-life movement to be successful it must be beyond an ideology.” Tim went on to share situations where, while working at the United Nations, those who disagreed with his position on abortion would challenge him or ask questions. Tim explained how a wide level of respect was earned through articulately sharing the pro-life position, and in doing so in a loving and respectful manner.

Abortion is called reproductive health mistakenly because people were taught that jargon. Just like if your dad taught you that a giraffe is called an elephant. When you grow up you know a giraffe is a giraffe but you call it an elephant because that’s what you were taught. In order to help change how people perceive abortion, we must change the conversation and language used to discuss the abortion issue. Abortion is more tolerable when we call it choice. He who controls the language controls the game.

Andy Moore, Pro-life Planet

Some of the first words that came from Andy moved the young people in the crowd to cheer with joy when he said, “This is not a conference, this is a war counsel!” “To be clear, I am not talking about violence.”

Prolife is not an adjective but a verb — You never know if today is the day someone will see your pro-life shirt and choose life. As a former fetus I have a duty to speak up for my preborn brothers and sisters!

Biblical wisdom to end abortion — It is vital in helping you preach the prolife message with patience, wisdom, humility and more. We will speak against this injustice when it’s hip and cool and when we are persecuted for it.

“When you have momentum going, play the momentum”
~ Donald Trump ~

Stopping abortion internationally:
1. Offer support to international pro-life groups.
2. Expose people and organizations around the world that support abortion.

“Each person has the power to do damage to the abortion industry.” Andy Moore

Ide Nic Mhathuna, Youth Defense

“I cannot stand before God when I die and say I was too busy to do anything (to stop abortion)” 
~ Ide Nid Mhathuna ~

Even with Ireland being abortion free, the Irish still have to continue to fight the media which tries to push abortion on their country. We benefit from working together as an international movement by sharing successes, stories, ideas, strategies, creativity, and more. It’s not about us or any other organization. It’s about ending abortion and keeping Ireland abortion free.

Questions for the Panel:

Q. Girl scout leader with a few young girl scouts: We are criticized for staying in the organization when we knowingly sell cookies and do other projects while funding and supporting Planned Parenthood? What should we do?

A. Don’t leave because it is vital that you influence culture while being inside the culture. Girl Scouts is a beautiful organization which has helped many. Planned Parenthood isn’t girl scouts, the members are Girl Scouts! Hold firm to what you believe in. No one can do a better job of affecting Girl Scouts than those girls who are involved.

Stay tuned in this week as I continue to write about the remaining talks given at the IPYC . . .

If you haven’t already, read about day 1!

Educate yourself and act. We are the global movement for life!

For the Dignity of the Born and Unborn,


Stay in touch on Facebook!

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International ProLife Youth Conference Day 1

As the first day of the International ProLife Youth Conference (IPYC) comes to a close, over 300 young people from across the world are going to sleep energized about the pro-life work they have been activated to participate in. The speakers and panelists have done an incredible job of truly inspiring the next generation to be apart of the global movement for life. I know that incredible pro-life leaders will come from this conference and numerous lives will be saved. As promised, here is what you’re missing if you weren’t able to joins us at the conference.

“I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.”

After opening up the conference with the above quote from Ellie Wiesel, master of ceremonies, Reverend Patrick Mahoney, from Christian Defense Coalition shared the main goal of the IPYC, “to leave transformed” in two ways: we do not want to be silent about abortion and we want to take a side on abortion. Speak out against abortion!

Building a Culture of Life — Lila Rose

After sharing about her prolife journey and her first exposure to abortion at age 9, when she found a book on abortion with images of little aborted babies that shocked her. After getting over the initial shock of learning that what was shown in those pictures was abortion, and that abortion was/is a constitutional right because of Roe v Wade, Lila prayed “Lord, use me to help save lives.” Isn’t it amazing what God does when you give yourself? Since then, Lila Rose has been effective in exposing the sexual abuse of Planned Parenthood and much more. You can learn more about her work at

“legally, violently tortured to death.” abortion clinic 5 minutes away from location. Open today and tomorrow performing abortions.

One of the things that stood out the most to me during Lila’s talk was when she shared about her teen years doing pro-life work and when she first started having her meetings for what is now Live Action. She encouraged the audience to always persevere and explained how sometimes she would make extreme efforts to plan her meeting to take action in fighting abortion, and no one would show up. Lila mentioned a conversation with her mom. Lila told he mom she didn’’t understand why her friends said they were pro-life but they didn’t show up. Her mom told her leadership is lonely, but you have to keep pushing. There will be times when you feel alone, discouraged, or you don’t know what you want to do; but you have to move forward and keep taking the next steps.

This being said, we don’t know what the future will bring. You never know when your life will end. It could end tomorrow, but until our last breath we should give our time and make an effort to save lives.

Trust God and move forward in saving lives because we must stop the cycle of death that begins when abortion takes place. Never be discouraged and always trust that God will help finish our work, but always move forward.

Lila left us with these thoughts: Every day try to ask yourself what am I doing for my unborn brothers and sisters? What would I have done during the Jewish Holocaust when people were being killed? Now, will I stop babies from being killed during America’s Holocaust?

Panel Forum: Using New Media to Advance the Pro-Life Message
Jill Stanek of
Bryan Kemper of Stand True
Lila Rose of Live Action

Jill Stanek Encourages people to be active bloggers for life and here are her 12 tips for Blogging:

  1. Strive for excellence- you’re representing the pro-life movement.
  2. Find your niche- become an expert on something
  3. Think of your blog as a vocation- not your ego trip and be generous and give credit and love to other pro-lifers
  4. Develop a mission statement
  5. Blog strategically- what can I blog today that will help our movement the most or hurt theirs the most
  6. Blog often
  7. Keep it pithy – edit it well. Keep it as compact as possible. Break up paragraphs and add pictures and graphs
  8. Give photo credit – link to website or give info
  9. Write original content
  10. Cross post to twitter and Facebook – increase visibility
  11. Be accurate – back up your work and verify even if great source
  12. Develop a thick skin — people will criticize you and defame you for what you do

Social media tips from Bryan Kemper:

Create hot graphics that are made public and tag people. Allow people to share. The images get people thinking, creates great awareness, and brings tons of new traffic.

Status 365– Sign up for automatic pro-life updates to your Facebook page at

“Young people believe God is bigger than abortion!” Bryan Kemper

Lila Rose’s shares on social/new media:

It’s cutting edge and bypasses the boundaries of filtered media. Where we couldn’t break through the gatekeepers of media years ago, we can now with the powerful tools like Facebook and Twitter.

Visual media is even stronger than a lot of words. Pictures have historically changed public perception and made history. Images of of the slave trade, the civil rights movement, the Jewish holocaust of World War II, and many other atrocities have been put to a stop because people saw first hand what was happening and didn’t allow it to contiue. What’s so amazing about this is that you can be the distributer of images and videos that change the culture!

Some questions asked of the panelists during the social media session:

Q. What can one do when they see women online who say they’re considering having an abortion?

A. Pray to the holy spirit to guide your words.
Tell the woman you care about them and their baby.
Remind the woman it is child and abortion will hurt her emotionally and physically.
Tell her she can make the right choice and you will help her.

Q. What if you post something Prolife and it turns into a big debate?

A. Don’t go down a rabbit trail. Always bring it back to the unborn babies and those hurt by abortion. Be kind and loving in your response. Don’t make enemies by answering disrespectfully. People will respect you and your opinion even if they don’t agree with you when you’re respectful. There are far more people reading those comments and conversations that don’t say anything, but it they learn form it.

Closing remarks from panelists Bryan Kemper — Online activism cannot replace actual activism. It should only supplement activism.

Austin Ruse, C-Fam

C-Fam’s work is amazing and so many don’t know it. Austin shared that we (the pro-life movement) “have won”! As the UN has tried to make abortion a universal right C-Fam has actively stopped this from happening.

“When someone raises the flag. others gather to it.” Austin Ruse

“History is made by those who stay to the very end.” Austin Ruse

Words on ending abortion from Austin,”The microphone will not be taken back unless it is taken back here and all other places.”

Bryan Kemper of Stand True

Bryan Kemper from Stand True encourages young people to participate in campaign to change the 2012 elections to promote the dignity of human life.

The challenge Bryan gave to everyone at the conferene:

What would I do if the house across from a Nazi camp was mine? Would I help a Jew who came to me asking for help? Would I go and try to save them? A holocaust is happening in our society today. Babies are torn apart and taken away in trashcans from abortion clinics. There are two big differences between the Jews and the babies in the womb: 1) stage of life 2) the child in the womb does not have a voice.

A lot of people say, “yeah, being prolife and standing against abortion is great, but I’m not called to it”.

We are all called to love our neighbor as ourselves. Our neighbor is our fellow human being. Am I going to walk past my neighbor robbed and beaten on the side of the road? Am I called to love my neighbor as myself or will I leave my neighbor to die in a ditch? That ditch is over 53 million lives lost to abortion. But I don’t feel called to help my neighbor?

Dr. Eogan De Faoite of Ireland’s Youth Defence

Dr. Eogan has worked to help keep Ireland abortion free!

In 1992 a group of 7 college age students stood up against Ireland’s version of Roe v Wade, and they were successful. This group is called Youth Defence. They were made the leaders of the pro-life movement in Ireland by organizing events and creating awareness to fight to keep Ireland abortion free. Nearly 20 years later, Ireland is still abortion free! Commitment to the cause, strength in conviction, trust and motivation in God, and having courage to take necessary risks is what has kept abortion illegal in Ireland. This movement doesn’t need a bunch of people; it needs a group of people to take a bunch of risks. All these risks are nothing when we consider what we are fighting for.

Youth Defence has had to develop a quick pace to stay one step ahead of the opponent to keep Ireland abortion free. Abortion needs to not be illegal; it needs to be unthinkable.

Activism, outreach, and education are the keys that have helped to keep Ireland abortion free to this day,and graphic images have been a huge part of conveying what abortion truly is to the people of Ireland.

In closing, the International ProLife Youth Conference has been an incredible, inspiring, and motivating experience. There is much more I could share, but I would have to write for days. I encourage you to share this article with your friends and family. We will work to end abortion. Will you be apart of the global movement for life? Answer the call!

For the Dignity of the Born and Unborn,


Continue to Follow the conference live on and stay tuned for more blog updates!

Read about day 2 of the conference. 

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International ProLife youth Conference

Hey everyone,

I’m on my way to the International Pro-life Youth Conference in LA. I look forward to hearing from various international pro- life advocates who will be speaking this weekend, and to connecting with other pro-life youth from across the world. I know there are many who are unable to attend this weekend so I plan to bring the conference to you through various blog and twitter updates. You can attend the conference via cyberspace by following along with me online. Stay connected:

The unborn, pregnant mothers, and all whom are affected by abortion need the next generation and the generations after that to help end the suffering and the cultural acceptance of abortion world wide. If you won’t speak for the voiceless who will? Lets be a part of the global movement for life!

For the Dignity of the Born and Unborn,


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Modern Day Martyr for Life — China

Saints Peter and Paul are two of many martyrs who were killed for what they believe. They weren’t killed for hurting anyone but for sharing the gospel and for standing firm in their convictions. Over the years thousands of men, women, and children have been martyred for standing up against injustices everywhere. The stories of martyrs commonly feel like something that only happened hundreds of years ago and are far from something we would expect to see today, but this isn’t the case. While we are fortunate in America to have many freedoms, people in other countries are not. I’m literally in tears, once against as I write this, to think of those who are killed for their Christian beliefs or for their brave fight against the scourge of abortion.

We are all aware of the One Child Policy that is enforced in China; however, many people don’t know the story of a man and wife, who have for years now stood up in defense of the men, women, and children who have been affected by China’s One Child policy – which has resulted in millions of forced abortions. There are countless stories I could share with you of women who have been brutally forced to abort child after child when they become pregnant after their first child. Women in China are literally dragged out of their homes and violently held down for what we call in America a ‘simple procedure’ . . . Yet, what I have to tell you today isn’t about these women who are forced to abort, but about one courageous person who stood for human rights, even when Chinese officials attacked him and his family.

About a month ago rumors began to circulate of the possible death of notorious forced abortion and sterilization opponent, Chen Guangcheng. It has yet to be confirmed, but if it is true, Chen’s death would be at the hands of the Chinese officials who have kept him and his wife under house arrest for almost a year now. (Read the press release about Chen’s possible death.) Chen and his wife were brutally assaulted and kept isolated with no contact to the outside world, and they were denied much needed medical care. Why did the Chinese government silence Chen? Because, Chen revealed that over 130,000 forced abortions and sterilizations took place in Linyi County in 2005 alone. This is just ONE county in all of China.

Reggie Littlejohn, President of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers said the following after finding out about Chen’s possible death:

“If Chen is dead, then the Chinese Communist Party is fully responsible for killing him through torture, denial of medical treatment and slow starvation. If Chen is alive, we urgently demand that he and his family be released immediately and unconditionally, for medical evaluation and treatment.”

To date there has still been no news of Chen or his family; however, the Chineese people need our support. Chen is a martyr that stood up against forced abortion and sterilization, and as a result, he and his wife were brutally and repeatedly beaten, and abandoned with multiple broken bones and very serious injuries. Chen and his wife were left behind without food or medical assistance. He may be dead because of it. If the government brutally silences everyone who speaks out against the One Child Policy, families of China must be scared, and I’ve heard first hand of many families that are. You can help support the people of China by speaking out against the One Child Policy.

Chen is/was blind and always wore sunglasses. In an effort to stand in solidarity and give support to the people of China, a campaign has been launched asking supporters to take pictures wearing sunglasses and to hold up signs reading “free Chen” or some message that supports China in speaking out against the injustice of the One Child Policy. Learn more about what to do here.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Chen, his family, and all other heroes and martyrs who have stood up against forced abortion and sterilization in China. I hope that the defense of women and children continues, because we must stand up against the injustice of China’s One Child Policy. Chen is a true martyr for the unborn who has loved by his actions of helping others, despite severe, and at times, violent opposition. Are your religious freedoms or physical safety compromised by vocally supporting the unborn from a death sentence? If not, can you possibly justify quietly standing on the side lines while over one million children are slaughtered in the womb every year in the US? I challenge you to stand in solidarity with the people of China, Chen Guangcheng, and the millions of children at risk of death by abortion every day.

Some of the many stories about the beating of Chen and his family:

For the Dignity of the Born and Unborn,


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1 Year = No More President Obama

I must say that I’m quite thrilled to be writing this blog. Even with loads of homework, I’m stopping to share my thoughts. . . Because today is an exciting day.

Moments ago I realized that a year from today will be the 2012 presidential election. That means, President Obama’s term will be up. I pray, hope, and believe that President Obama will be defeated a year from now. The destruction he has wrought on our country, especially on religious freedoms and the moral beliefs of so many, is atrocious. President Obama is the most radically pro-abortion president our country has ever seen. Excuse my bluntness, but there is no question whether or not President Obama is in bed with Planned Parenthood. From cross overs in staff between the president’s cabinet and Planned Parenthood, to all the extravagant parties and events President Obama attends with Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards, the president’s long time romance with Planned Parenthood is no secret nor has the president ever desired to hide it.

I can hardly believe it has been three years since the day President Obama was elected. I remember praying and praying that it would not happen because it was so clear that Barack Obama had no regard for unborn children in the womb. If a man could be so clear in his position against life in the womb, then how could we ever expect him to respect any human life or human rights. As I watched the poles and continued to check my iPhone for updates inbetween my dance classes on November 8, 2008; I prayed and worried. Praise God proposition 8 was passing in California to define marriage between one man and one woman, but Barack Obama was winning.

As the night drew to a close, I wept, because I knew that Barack Obama being elected meant further destruction of life and expansion in abortion rights and accessibility. God knows we have fought and prayed as President Obama pushed FOCA, removed conscience rights, funded abortion and contraception in Health Care, and so much more. Just take a look at a little bit of his pro-abortion record here**.

Three years have gone by where we have exhausted resources, prayed to the point of tears, and fasted till we were starving because the unborn needed and still need our prayers and protection. But thank God, we should only have to endure another year of this radical pro-abortion president. But, we cannot defeat President Obama a year from today if we remain silent. We must be unified in our actions and we must pray and fast. Be educated on the presidential candidates and their positions.

We can defeat President Obama in 2012! I am certain we will. But you have to step out in faith and help make it happen. Talk to your pears and educate others because President Obama will be President no more, a year from now.

For the Dignity of the Born and Unborn,


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